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What Fast Food Places Take Food Stamps

How Does Florida Ebt Work

Food Stamps Could Be Redeemed At Fast Food Restaurants If Illinois Bill Passes

The Florida EBT benefits are issued to those who meet the Florida SNAP eligibility requirement and are approved for benefits.

The EBT card works like a debit card and can be used to buy eligible food at most grocery stores and many farmers markets.

Additionally, the EBT card can even be used to buy seeds or plants to grow food.

However, you cannot use the EBT card to purchase alcohol, hot foods, and foods prepared for immediate consumption, like toasted sandwiches at the deli.

There Are Restaurants That Accept Ebt In All States

Papa Murphys accepts EBT in all states! Most take-and-bake pizzerias accept EBT. They dont actually count as restaurants because you have to take the food home to cook it!

Starbucks locations within grocery stores may accept EBT. According to a Starbucks customer service representative, Starbucks, as policy, does not accept food stamp cards for payment at its company-operated stores. However, some of our licensees, particularly those within grocery stores, may accept these for payment.

How To Locate Participating Ebt Restaurants

The easiest way to locate participating restaurants in the RMP is to look for the signage that states Participating Restaurant: SNAP Restaurant Meals Program with the Fork & Knife logo displayed on the door or window.

However, some fast food restaurant will simply display a sign saying We Welcome EBT or a variation of that as shown in the Pizza Hut sign below.

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Does Fast Food Restaurants Accept Ebt Food Stamps

Have you ever wondered if there are fast food restaurants that accept EBT Food Stamps? The answer is yes, but only in certain circumstances. This article outlines the fast-food restaurants that do accept EBT food stamps.

Most states only allow SNAP purchases for cold, unprepared foods. But eateries that take EBT as SNAP authorized restaurants can be found at locations primarily in California and Arizona, with limited pilot projects in Rhode Island and Florida, although some national chains take EBT in other states.

Discover 200+ Restaurants That Accept Ebt In California

Fast Food Restaurants that accept EBT Food Stamps

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Did you know there are restaurants that accept EBT in California? Its true! The Restaurant Meals Program is part of the federal food stamps law and California has officially implemented it statewide!

California allows homeless, elderly and disabled SNAP recipients to participate in the Restaurant Meals Program. To qualify, you must be older than age 60, receive disability benefits or lack steady housing.

If you qualify, you dont need to apply. Your EBT will be automatically authorized for these purchases. Be sure you tell the cashier youre using CalFresh benefits so the fast food restaurants that accept EBT know not to charge you any sales or meal taxes!

This list is regularly updated. You can always check for the most recent update date under the title of the article.

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Can Restaurants Accept Ebt Card

You cannot use your Electronic Benefits Transfer card at restaurants to purchase hot food or food intended for immediate consumption unless your State participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Restaurant Meals Program that serves the elderly, disabled, and/or homeless, and you are

What Can You Buy With An Ebt Card

Food stamps can be used to purchase cold foods and those that you prepare yourself at home.

So, you can use your SNAP-benefits to purchase items, like:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking oils, like olive oil and vegetable oil
  • Poultry products like chicken and eggs
  • Red meat, like steak, ribs, and ground beef
  • Dairy products, like cheese, milk, and almond milk.
  • Seafood, such as fish, shrimp, shellfish, and lobster.
  • Pork products, like chops, sausages, bacon, and tenderloin.
  • Breads and cereals, like pita bread, rye bread, tortillas, pasta, bagels, and rice.
  • Desserts, like ice cream, cookies, or brownies
  • Candy
  • Snack crackers
  • Other foods such as snack foods
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, such as soft drinks, like Sprite and Pepsi, and energy drinks like Red Bull.
  • Seeds and plants that produce food for the household to eat

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How To Find Fast Food Restaurants That Participate In Ebt Near You

While 8 states have announced or have plans for an RMP, there are only 3 states that have actually implemented an RMP. These three states are:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Rhode Island

In these states, a variety of fast-food restaurants accept EBT as a payment method. This means that you can purchase hot foods with your food stamps.

So, you can look out for participating restaurants that have signage that states Participating Restaurant: SNAP Restaurant Meals Program with the Fork & Knife logo displayed on the door or window. Some stores might just have a sign that says, We welcome EBT, We accept EBT, EBT cards accepted here, or some variation of that, again on the door or window.

Lets take a look at fast food places that accept EBT in the above states

Is Ebt Accepted At Trader Joes

12 Fast Food Restaurants that Accept EBT

In the United States, EBT Cards are accepted in most supermarkets, pharmacies, and neighborhood shops. Food Stamps are now accepted at Walmart, Target, Costco, and Trader Joes. The following is a list of some of the largest supermarket chains in the United States that accept EBT, organized by state.

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Fast Food Restaurants To Accept Food Stamps


I stumbled upon a rant by a Yahoo contributor who seemed very upset at the prospect of KFC, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc. accepting food stamps. Hes not alone. There are folks out there ready to protest if McDonalds lets poor people use their benefit cards to get a happy mealwith a toy even! These are the same people who seem to think being poor is a sentence, rather than a circumstance. Or that its somehow enjoyable to not know where your next meal is coming from. Maybe the feds should bring back powdered milk and government cheese. While were at it, why dont we produce Soylent Greens ?

Sure theres gross abuse of the system, an allowing KFC to accept food stamps seems like one of them, but if you are at a poverty level where you dont have access to maybe even a hot plate, why cant you get a 2 piece dinner?

Perhaps they should limit it to healthier selections if its that much of an issue, but if you qualify for the benefits, I say you eat what you want.

If that means you run out of your food stamps in 2 weeks, then next month youll be wiser, and cop that hero and free soda from the bodega instead.

Id much rather eat Hamburger Helper in my middle class apartment with middle class comforts, than eat a bucket of chicken and have to find a vacant bedbug infested subway bench.

Heres the opposing perspective:

Can You Use Snap At A Fast Food Restaurant In Arizona

Arizona allows disabled, elderly and homeless SNAP recipients to participate in the Restaurant Meals Program. As of June 2018, eligible clients can use your SNAP benefits at the following fast food restaurants that accept EBT in Arizona: In order to qualify, every member of the household must meet ONE of the following requirements.

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Always Find Out Which Restaurants Accept Ebt In California

Now that you know a bit more about which restaurants accept EBT, youll be better able to explore your options. No matter what kind of tastes you are in the mood for, youll be able to tickle your fancy by trying these California restaurants.

Come back to learn more about the CalFresh Program eligibility and application process and other programs that can help you out.

Which States Does Burger King Accept Ebt In

Fast Food Restaurants that accept EBT Food Stamps

EBT cards are accepted in six different states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Maryland. However, only Burger King in Arizona and California accepts EBT.

The Restaurant Meals Program of Arizona allows fast-food restaurants like Burger King to accept EBT. There are around 44 Burger King stores that allow EBT as payment. Here are some of the locations:

  • Apache Junction
  • Santa Clara County

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How Can I Bring This Program To My Area

If you would like to see fast food restaurants that accept EBT in your area, contact your local lawmakers! You can easily find your elected officials on USA.gov. As we said before, this option has been available to states since 1977 but is very rarely used.

To help you, weve drafted a sample message below. You can copy and paste it, if youd like just be sure to change the names!

Dear ,

Since 1977, the federal Food Stamp Act has given states the ability to enact the Restaurant Meals Program. This program allows vulnerable and at-risk populations, such as the homeless and elderly, who cannot cook meals for themselves at home. Through this program, these specific, qualifying individuals are allowed to use their food benefits to purchase affordable meals at select restaurants such as Subway. For more information about this program, you can visit LowIncomeRelief.com .

This program has been successfully adopted in Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, and Rhode Island. However, it is not yet available in our state.

Please take action to introduce the Restaurant Meals Program in our state.


Keep me posted about any responses you receive! Id love to see fast food restaurants that accept EBT in all states for those who need them!

Restaurant Meals Program Requirements

To use your Golden State Advantage EBT Card at restaurants and fast-food chains in Los Angeles, you must first meet certain requirements.

To be eligible for the Restaurant Meals Program, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled and receiving CalFresh benefits
  • Have an active California EBT Card
  • Be homeless, elderly , or disabled

If you do not meet the requirements listed above, you are not eligible to use your California EBT Card at restaurants and fast-food chains.

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Is It Possible To Utilize Ebt On Amazon

In certain states, Amazon has collaborated with the US government to accept SNAP EBT as a payment option for SNAP qualified goods. Simply add a valid SNAP EBT card issued by a qualifying state to your account as a payment option to get free access to Prime Pantry and AmazonFresh selections or to pay using SNAP EBT.

Fast Food Restaurants That Accept Ebt Near Me Listed Alphabetically

Food stamps for fast food: EBT cards accepted at some valley restaurants
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  • 67 KB

It is common to question about which fast food restaurants that accept EBT near me, if you are one of the card owners. However, before you start looking for the list of restaurants, it is worth to note that not every EBT card owner are allowed to use it at these chain franchises, as you have to be qualified for Restaurant Meals Program that offered by the government of your state.

So, whats the process of being allowed to use the EBT card? First you have to understand that this program of providing food stamps is exclusive for eligible individuals and families with low income. Way before youre looking for the answer to what fast food restaurants that accept EBT near me, you have to sign up for this program first, which run by US Department of Agriculture, then apply to the states agency in your region that responsible to carry the program.

That being said, there are so many fast food restaurants that accept EBT in California, Colorado, Arizona, Chicago, and other states. Here is the list of specific restaurant that accept the card according to alphabetical order to make it easy for you to search it.

A & T Burgers, Ackee Tree Jamaican Cuisine, Ameci Pizza, Bayou Grill, Blimpie, Brueggers Bagels, Carls Jr., Carolyns Kitchen, Casbah Café, Cetinas Taco Shop, China Star Express, Churchs Chicken, CiCis Pizza, Cregors Deli, Del Taco, Dennys, Dominos Pizza, El Pollo Loco, El Sinaloa Tortilleria, Emos Café.

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Does Little Caesars Take Ebt In Texas

Thus, most Little Caesars locations dont accept EBT. Since most states dont participate in the program, you wont be able to use SNAP EBT to purchase hot meals at most Little Caesars locations throughout the country. California is one of the states with the most elaborate Restaurant Meals Program.

How To Apply For Delaware Food Stamps And The Ebt Card

To get the EBT Card and use it in the Delaware food stamps authorized stores first, you must get approved for food stamps benefits from the Delaware food stamp office.

The Delaware Division of Social Services administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , or the food stamps as it is generally known in Delaware and elsewhere.

The Delaware Division of Social Services provides the food stamps application or the SNAP application. You can get it also from any local DSS offices in your area. Complete the SNAP application for food assistance and bring it to the food stamp office or mail it to the address printed on the form.

Also, you can apply for Delaware food stamps benefits online by visiting the Delaware ASSIST website. You have to register and open an account with Delaware DSS. Then you must fill in all the required information online. When your application is complete, the local food stamp office in the area where you live will receive it. Next, you will get an appointment for an interview with a DSS food assistance worker.

Once approved for Delaware food assistance, you will get mailed your EBT card. The EBT card can buy you the food you need in all Delaware food stamps authorized stores listed on this webpage table.

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What Cant You Buy With Your Snap Benefits

Not all items are indeed SNAP-eligible, which means you cant use your EBT card to purchase them.

Heres what you cant buy with your EBT card:

  • Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco
  • Vitamins, medicines, and supplements.
  • Live animals .
  • Foods that are hot when sold.
  • Non-food items, such as:
  • Cosmetics

Does Grubhub Take Ebt

Fast Food Places That Accept Food Stamps Near Me

The Grubhub food delivery app focuses on delivering restaurant-prepared food from local restaurants. Grubhub doesnt take EBT or food stamps for fast food delivery.

But the problem is less on Grubhub and more on SNAP rules. SNAP doesnt allow EBT cardholders to purchase hot, prepared restaurant meals with their benefits.

Although the discretion on whether or not to extend SNAP via the Restaurant Meals Program is left to individual states to decide, only a few states participate in the RMP.

Online and mobile food delivery services like Grubhub are left with no option but to play by the rules. Since they exclusively deliver for restaurants that sell hot, prepared, ready-to-eat food, their food items wont be eligible for EBT or SNAP purchases in most states.

But, GrubHub takes cash for food delivery orders, unlike most of its competitors. GrubHub also accepts credit cards, active American Express gift cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, but does not take debit cards, prepaid cards nor will they cash a third-party check or personal check.

All food delivery drives appreciate cash tips as compensation for friendly and quick service. Its one of the best under-the-table jobs that pay cash.

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