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How To Apply For Food Stamps In Fresno Ca

Eligibility For Aged And Disabled Households

CalFresh February benefits rolled out early

There are special rules for households with seniors and people who are disabled.

If you are age 60 or over, or you are receiving Social Security Disability or Medi-Cal due to a disability, or a full VA pension heres what you need to know.

You may be eligible with income over the regular limits if you pay very high rent and utilities and/or have medical expenses over $35 per month.

However, this must be computed on a case-by-case basis.

If I Am Receiving Ssi/ssp Can I Also Receive Calfresh Benefits

Starting June 1, 2019, the CalFresh food assistance program expanded to include eligible older adults and people with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment benefits.

There are multiple ways to connect with DSS for new households to apply:

CALL: 1-855-832-8082 to apply by phone,CLICK: MyBenefits CalWIN to apply online, orIN PERSON: Locate your local county office here.

Exemptions To Calfresh Income Limits

If all members of your household are receiving TANF, SSI, or in some places general assistance, you do not have to meet the food stamps income test.

In addition, while most households must meet both the gross and net income tests, if you live in a household where there is an elderly person or a person who is receiving certain types of disability payments, then that household will only have to meet the net income test to qualify for California food stamps .

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Calfresh Outreach And Application Assistance

CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need. CalFresh dollars help stretch a tight food budget and help many people afford to incorporate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into their diets. CalFresh is the name of the USDA-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the state of California. Recipients receive and spend CalFresh benefits electronically, via personal Golden State Advantage electronic benefits transfer cards that look just like any other credit or debit cards.

Gross Monthly Income Limit

Cal Fresh Bakersfield

Gross monthly income is the households income before any allowable deductions.

You must meet the gross monthly income limit for your household as shown in the table below in order to qualify for CalFresh.

For many households, the gross income eligibility limit is 200% of the federal poverty level .

Your gross income includes gross pay from work before your employer takes out taxes and other deductions.

You can locate your gross income on your pay stub.

See the table below for the gross income limit by household size.


For CalFresh eligibility purposes, if all members of a household are on cash welfare assistance, the household is eligible for CalFresh regardless of its gross or net income.

Furthermore, if any member of the household is elderly or disabled, there is no gross income test.

However, a household with an elderly or disabled person must still meet the net income limit.

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Calculating Net Income With Allowable Deductions

Step 1

Subtract any Allowable Deductions

After you have determined which allowable deductions apply to your household, subtract those from your total gross monthly income. Doing this will give you the total net monthly income for your household.

If you need additional help doing this, use the example below:

Determine if shelter costs are more than half of adjusted income $700 total shelter $605 = $95 excess shelter cost
Subtract excess amount, but not more than the limit, from adjusted income $1,210 $95 = $1,115 net monthly income
Apply the net income test Since $1,115 is less than $2,146 allowed for 4-person household, this household has met the income test.

Step 2

Determine if your Net Monthly Income is Eligible

Now that you have your net monthly income, you can see if your income is eligible for California food stamp benefits. Use the chart and follow the steps below to determine your eligibility.

  • Start by finding your household size on the chart.
  • Once you have located your household size, look in the last column at the maximum net income for your household size.
  • If the allowable net income is higher than your total net income, you may be eligible for California food stamp benefits.
  • If the allowable net income is lower than your total net income, you may not be eligible for California food stamp benefits.
  • Household size

    Note: The allotments described here are for households in California

    Check out the example for a SNAP benefit calculation below:

    Electronic Benefit Transfer Card

    If you qualify for CalFresh assistance, you will receive a plastic card called an Electronic Benefit Transfer card. You can use your EBT card like a bank debit card to access your CalFresh benefits to purchase food items at most grocery and convenience stores, as well and farmers markets.

    • Request a replacement EBT Card by calling 1-877-328-9677
    • Please be cautious as there are many EBT card scams that are occurring.
    • Do not give out your EBT card number and PINs as the county, state, and federal government will NEVER ask you for your EBT card number and PIN by a text message, phone call, email, or on a website.
    • You may visit California EBT Project Office to view current scams that have been reported.
    • Check your account balance find retailers and ATMS that accept your EBT card without charges at the California EBT Client website

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    How To Find A Fresno Food Stamp Office In California

    Below is a list of all the California food stamp office locations in Fresno. If you have any questions about enrolling in SNAP or about your current claim, contact one of these facilities. Generally, you have the option of contacting these facilities by phone or visiting them in person.

    • E Street Building 1209 E Street Fresno California 93730 600-2650

    • Heritage Center 3151 N. Millbrook Fresno California 93703 600-4119

    • Sr. Resource Center 2025 E Dakota Ave Fresno California 93726 600-5490

    Fresno Food Stamp Program

    Social Security Disability – What is SSDI – Supplemental Benefits – Chula Vista, CA – California

    The California food stamp program, commonly referred to as SNAP, is more popularly known in the area as CalFresh. This program was created to ensure that low income families would be able to have access to affordable and healthy food. This allows for families that are struggling to make ends meet and working on a budget to have a chance to provide good health and nutrition to those within their households. The benefits of the program are transferred through an EBT card that can be used at various locations that accept SNAP. Although the program has only recently been renamed to CalFresh, it has been part of the SNAP plan since 1977. Individuals have the opportunity to apply in person at an agency or online. The applications for the program are also available in a variety of different languages.

    The following information can be used to learn more about applying for SNAP in the Oakland, California area.

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    California Food Stamps Requirements

    In order to receive CalFresh funding, petitioners must meet various food stamps requirements. In general, candidates must be:

    • Either working for minimal payment or under-employed and working part-time.
    • Completely without work.
    • Members of a low-income household.
    • Collecting welfare payments or other public benefits funding.

    Additionally, petitioners must either be United States citizens or immigrants who are legally residing in the country. Next, state requirements for food stamps in California take into account how much income claimants earned. In most cases, applicants will need to submit both their net and gross incomes. These are the incomes that petitioners earned before and after deductions, respectively. However, there is also an income limit for food stamps. Candidates must be aware that the maximum permitted gross income that claimants may possess is 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level . These totals are examined in proportion to petitioners household sizes.

    Regarding food stamps eligibility, the CDSS may also require claimants to meet some work stipulations before they may collect benefits. County officials are responsible for allocating these tasks to enrollees. In these cases, in order to qualify for food assistance, some petitioners may need to:

    • Actively find work opportunities, if they are unemployed.
    • Participate in community service activities.
    • Enroll in classes.
    • Take approved training courses.

    What Farmers Markets Accept Calfresh In Fresno County

    Many Farmers Markets across Fresno County allow users to use CalFresh.

    Here are three reasons why it pays to use your CalFresh benefits at Farmers Market

  • Produce may cost less at Farmers Market than at the grocery store!
  • Farmers Market produce is grown locally and freshness is unbeatable!
  • If you are enrolled in CalFresh, you can double your CalFresh dollars at a certified farmers market through the Market Match Program.

    What is Market Match?

    Market Match is Californias healthy food incentive program, which matches customers federal nutrition assistance benefits, like CalFresh and WIC, at farmers markets and other farm-direct sites.

    Spend $10 in CalFresh money and get an additional $10 to purchase more produce.

    You can buy fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, baked goods, meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, jams, jelly, honey, seeds, and plants that produce food.

    To find local farmers markets participating in Market Match, go to

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    What Is The Amount Of Calfresh Benefits I Will Receive

    The amount of Calfresh benefits you may be eligible to receive is based on the number of persons residing in your household, the total amount of your household’s income, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Thrifty Food Plan. The Thrifty Food Plan is an estimate of how much it costs to provide a household with nutritious, low-cost meals.

    Submit Your Recertification Application Form


    Next, turn in the signed application to the County.

    You can do so in person, by mail, by fax, or online. Heres how:


    Apply in person at your County DSS office. .

    You can mail the form to your County DSS office. to locate an office near you.

    You can fax the completed, signed application form to your County DSS office. to locate an office near you.


    You can complete the re-certification online using the MyBenefits CalWIN Portal.

    for help logging into your MyBenefits CalWIN account or see the instructions above.

    If you do not have a MyBenefits CalWIN account, for help in creating one.

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    Where Do I Go To Apply For Calfresh Benefits

    There are 3 ways you can apply for food stamps in California.

    Option 1 Apply online

    You can apply for California SNAP online using the system.

    Once you create an account , you can apply for CalFresh online through BenefitsCal.

    Additionally, you can apply for CalFresh online through

    If you have an account, you can log in or create your account. to be taken to the website.

    Option 2 Apply at CDSS Office Near You

    You can apply in person at the California Department of Social Services office near you. to locate a CDSS office.

    Option 3 Download California Food Stamps Application

    You can an application, complete it and mail it to your county CDSS office or submit it in person.

    Farmers Market Wic Coupons

    Farmers Market WIC coupons are available while supplies last. They will be available starting July and are redeemable during the current year at an authorized Farmers Market. For Fresno EOC WIC participants only.

    To see if you are eligible, call Fresno EOC WIC at 263-1150 or Text 1-888-412-5922

    WIC is a non-reporting program. Proof of citizenship is not required. Migrants are welcome to apply.

    We normally hand them out starting June, while supplies last

    Participating local markets

    Who can come to my WIC appointment if I cant?

    You can assign an alternate person that can come to your WIC appointments.

    I missed my appointment. What do I do?

    We can reschedule an appointment for you, or you may walk in at any of our 5 locations, send us a text: 1-888-412-5922, or call us at 263-1150.

    Do I have to be a US citizen or resident to qualify?

    No, Immigration status is not a determining factor. We do not collect this information and do NOT report to the Immigration and Naturalization Service , or anyone else.

    Does WIC report eligibility to other programs?

    No, WIC is a non-reporting agency. It is not necessary to be a citizen to receive WIC benefits.

    Am I eligible for WIC if I get food stamps?

    Yes, you can participate in both programs. Food stamps will not be affected if you qualify for WIC.

    My child is over 1 year old. Can he still get WIC?

    Yes, any child who qualifies can get WIC through the age of 5.

    I didnt get my childs WIC referral filled out. Can I still get WIC?

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    Food Stamps Offices By County In The State Of California

    Food Stamps are called CalFresh Food benefits in California and funded by the US Department of Agriculture , Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program .

    California Food Stamp Program is a similar food assistance program that provides food stamps to qualified non-citizens who are not eligible for the federal food stamps. The California Food Stamp Program is funded by the State of California and offered locally.

    The Food Stamps programs CalFresh Food and California Food Stamp Program are managed by the California Department of Social Services and County Welfare Departments.

    You can inquire or apply in person for food stamps in one of Californias County CDSS offices listed below. You will be required to fill out the whole application form, but you must at least give the County your name, address, and signature. Ask the county office how to get food stamps ASAP if you have an emergency.

    Find Food Stamps Office near you in the list bellow


    Use our Helping Americans Find Help retailer locator to search by zip code, city, county, address, or store name for Washington Food Stamps Stores near your location.


    CalFresh, California Food Stamp Program, Cash Aid, Medi-Cal Find a CalFresh food stamps office near you.

    Almeda County Social Services North Oakland Self Sufficiency Center 2000 San Pablo Ave

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