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Free Phone If You Have Food Stamps

Did You Know Your Ebt Card Can Do This

KGBT ARCHIVES: Food Stamp recipients now get free cell phones

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Got EBT? You can get FREE museum admission, cheap Amazon memberships and even discounts at certain retailers with your EBT card! Thats right your food stamps benefits can do so much more than just buy groceries!

While some of these discounts are available to SNAP users across the United States, the best ones overall are local to your individual state. In order to find the best freebies, make sure you select your state from the alphabetized state list below. If you have an EBT card, then you wont want to miss any of this!

Can You Use Food Stamps Online

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The food stamp program in the U.S. has made it possible for millions of Americans dealing with economic hardship to feed their families each day.

While food stamps, now officially called SNAP benefits, can help families save money on food, it hasnt always been the most convenient way to shop for groceries. In the past, food stamp recipients needed to physically go into a store to shop for and pay for their groceries using a special payment card.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the United States Department of Agriculture has expanded an online purchasing pilot program that allows SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online then arrange for pickup or delivery. The program is now available at certain retailers in most states.

Read on to learn where and how you can use food stamps to buy groceries online.

Ebt Online Purchasing Pilot Approved States

According to the USDA, the next states to be approved for EBT online for delivery have already been determined. These states have completed the application process and have been approved for the program.

The EBT Purchasing Pilot has currently been launched in over 47 states nationwide.

The following states are currently participating in the EBT Online Purchasing Pilot:

  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

The Online Purchasing Pilot is expected to roll out to more states within the coming months.

Check back for more updates on when these states are approved and participating in the program.

3 Surprising EBT Perks You May Not Know About

You may not be aware but your EBT card comes with other amazing perks that most EBT cardholders are simply not taking advantage of. Here are the top 3 EBT perks you should know about:

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More Info For Apply For A Discounted Communications Service Through The Lifeline Program

Prepare for Annual Eligibility Recertification

Each year you must certify that you are still eligible to receive the Lifeline Program benefit and that no one else in your household is receiving a Lifeline Program benefit.

Typically by the anniversary date of your enrollment in the Lifeline Program with your provider, you will be contacted by USAC with instructions on how to complete the recertification process. You must respond to this request within 60 days.

If you do not complete this recertification process, you will lose your Lifeline benefit. This means your monthly bill may increase, or the services you normally receive for free each month will not be provided.

If USAC determines that you are no longer eligible for the Lifeline benefit, it will notify you of such and your Lifeline service will be terminated in 30 days, unless you provide proof of eligibility.

If you become ineligible for the Lifeline benefit at any time, you must contact your Lifeline provider within 30 days to de-enroll from the program or you may be subject to penalties.

Current Ebt Program Rules


For the 40 million Americans currently receiving food stamps, the EBT card is how they access their benefits.

The EBT card acts as a debit card and allows the cardholder to purchase food that is on the approved list, from grocery stores and other merchants that are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture to accept food stamps.

However, even though online grocery shopping is available nationwide, EBT cardholders have been restricted in using their cards to buy food online until the USDA started the Online EBT pilot program in 2017.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

EligibilityEligibility and benefit amounts are based on income, expenses, and the number of people applying as a household.

Ongoing EligibilityIf you are eligible, you will be certified for SNAP for a certain number of months. This could range from 4 to 24-months, depending on your circumstances. You will need to notify us if you experience certain changes. At the end of your certification period, you will need to complete an application, provide us with documentation to verify your ongoing eligibility, and you may be asked to participate in an interview.

Electronic Benefits Transfer CardsIf you are approved for SNAP, each month your SNAP benefits will be automatically loaded onto an EBT Card. You must create a PIN that you will need to enter each time you make an eligible food purchase.

Using your SNAP BenefitsSNAP is accepted at most grocery stores, convenience stores, some farmers markets, and some online stores. SNAP can only be used to purchase eligible food items.

Proof Of Identification Options

Is the Lifeline program really free?

Yes! Qualifying individuals receive Free cell phone service.

If you qualify for programs like CalFresh, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Food Stamps, or meet California Lifeline Guidelines for low income you may qualify for Free Service. Enroll Today!

How do I qualify?

The Online Enrollment Form is easy to use and will walk you through each step of the process.

If you qualify for programs like CalFresh, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Food Stamps or are considered Low Income, you likely qualify for Free enTouch Lifeline cell phone service. Learn more about Lifeline and qualification here.

Can I bring my own phone?

What is the quality of service?

While enTouch provides Free service through Lifeline to eligible customers, enTouch uses the same technology and connections as non-Lifeline cell phone providers. You will receive great, reliable service!

How easy is it to sign up?

Yes, enrolling with enTouch Lifeline cell service is easy!

The Online Enrollment form is easy to use and will walk you through each step of the process. Click here to Enroll Today!

If you qualify for programs like CalFresh, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Food Stamps or are considered Low Income, you likely qualify! Learn more about Lifeline and qualification.

You can also enroll by mail with a paper application. .

What is EBB?

Is data really unlimited?

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The Eligible Subscribers From California Get Special Benefits From Tag Mobile Under The California Freedom Plan Which Includes:

FREE Smartphone* Free Unlimited Talk Free Unlimited Global Text Free Data First 3 months 500MB LTE, 4th Month onwards 1GB

To enroll, subscribers can log on to and follow the 3-minutes signup process, or simply walk up to the nearest TAG Mobile agent along with their proof of eligibility documents.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer Card

7 Secret EBT Card Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About (Got Food Stamps? Get Free Stuff!)

Once approved for SNAP and/or TANF benefits, your re-loadable EBT card will be mailed to your mailing address on file and will look like this:

The card will be mailed in a plain, white envelope with a return address of Sioux Falls, SD. This card will be automatically reloaded with your benefit amount every month.

Your EBT card will no longer have an expiration date. If there is an expiration date on your card, the card will expire on the last day of the month/year that is shown. If there is no expiration date on the front of your EBT card, your EBT Card will only need replacement if lost, stolen, or damaged.

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How Do I Apply And Prove My Household Income To The Government

Youll need to submit pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in to prove your household income. The process of applying for free cell phone service is thankfully pretty easyyou can just go to the website of a cell phone company that participates in the program.

For example, if you wanted to check out Assurance Wireless, theres a big Apply Now button front and center. Just follow the instructions and you should find out if you qualify for a cell phone and cell phone plan fairly quickly.

Did You Know You Can Buy This Stuff With Your Food Stamps Card

Sure, everyone knows you can buy groceries with you food stamps card but did you know you can also buy certain gift baskets and even shop online with your grocery money? Check out our YouTube video about the 7 most surprising things you can buy with your EBT card!

Buy gift baskets and more! These rules are actually part of the actual federal food stamps law, so they can be used in all 50 states. Heres a list of unexpected things you can actually buy with your food stamps funds.

Fast food restaurants accept EBT cards in certain areas under certain circumstances. In order to use these benefits, you must meet strict criteria and live in a participating area. Learn more here.

Plant a garden! You can buy seeds and produce-bearing plants with your EBT card! In fact, its part of the federal food stamps law.

Shop at these retailers! Did you know that Costco, farmers markets and even you-pick strawberry fields can accept EBT benefits? Some retailers even give you either discounts or free stuff if you shop there with your food stamps card!

Buy groceries online! In certain states, Amazon, Safeway, ShopRite, Hy-Vee, Harts Local Grocers, Dashs Market and FreshDirect can accept your EBT card for online grocery purchases. Get the details.

Get groceries delivered from Instacart! You can use food stamps to order groceries on Instacart! You can order them for pickup or delivery. Get all the details here or click the button below to start your order!

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Free Cell Phone Plans From The Us Government

You wont find any major cell phone providers or new iPhone devices eligible for the Lifeline Assistance program, but that doesnt mean you cant get a decent phone on a reliable network.

These are the carriers that currently are eligible with the Lifeline Assistance program:

  • Assurance Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • True Wireless

You can find out what carriers specifically cater to your area by entering your zip code here.

How Do I Get A Free Phone

Food Stamps Program

To find out if you qualify for a free government phone, youll need to make sure that your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Youll need to prove your household income with pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in.

You can start by entering your ZIP code here to see what free government service options are available in your area.

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Next Steps For Apply For A Discounted Communications Service Through The Lifeline Program

The National Verifier will return an eligibility decision by mail or email, if provided, within 7-10 days.

Any questions about the application process or eligibility documentation can also be directed to USAC via the Lifeline Support Center at 1-800-234-9473. The Lifeline Support Center operates 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm and continues to review applications during this period.

You will have 90 days to choose a provider and sign up for Lifeline service with them once USAC approves your eligibility. For a list of Lifeline providers in your area, visit the USAC website and enter your zip code.

Free Cell Phone Assistance As Of January 2021

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Other Ways To Get Online Shopping Assistance

There are also other ways to meet your food insecurity needs. For example, Full Cart has an emergency food assistance program that connects individuals with organizations that can deliver food to your home.

In addition, many religious organizations have food assistance programs. Often these organizations allow you to complete an application onlineor just show up on a designated dayand they will bring the groceries out to your vehicle. Some will even deliver groceries if you dont have transportation.

The Minute Maid Recall

Why it’s good to have a food stamp card(EBT card)

The Minute Maid recall involves products that might contain metal pieces, Food Safety Network reported. Coca-Cola issued a recall for various Minute Maid drinks that might be impacted. The following Minute Maid flavors are part of the recall:

  • Berry Punch Date codes Jan0422 NP and Jan0522 NP, Batch 0010323455 and 0010259344
  • Strawberry Lemonade Date code: Jan0322 NP, Batch: 0010259346
  • Fruit Punch Date Code: JAN0522 NP Batch: 0010323454

The Minute Maid products in the Coca-Cola recall were sold in eight states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, and New Jersey. Distributors might have sold some 7,000 cases of these Minute Maid drinks in the states that are included in the recall.

The juices expire next year, so buyers might still have them in their homes. If you still own Minute Maid drinks from the recall lots above, you should stop consuming them immediately. Instead, you should seek a refund or discard the products.

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