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Check Food Stamp Balance Phone Number

How To Check Your Ebt Balance

How to check your EBT Card balance – New Website

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If you qualify for food stamps or cash assistance , you will receive an EBT card. Your funds will be loaded onto the card, which you can use like a debit card. To check the balance, you should either call, go online, or look at your most recent receipt.

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Check Your Balance At An Atm

The last method of checking your balance is at an ATM machine. The EBT card offered for food stamps by the SNAP program is issued by JP Morgan Chase, therefore it can be used at most ATM machines. Visit an ATM that accepts this type of card and go through the prompts to check your balance. You will of course need to enter your pin and press the Check Balance prompt. You can either view the balance on the screen or print a receipt with the balance printed on it. Be aware some ATM machines might charge you their normal ATM fee just for checking the balance on average, fees range between $1.50 and $3.50 per transaction. Food stamps provide you a way to feed healthy food to your family when youre on a limited income. These methods make it easy to view your current SNAP balance.

Contact Number For Access Florida

For help with your ACCESS Florida online account, please call the customer service phone number listed below.

You can call the ACCESS Florida Customer Service Number if you need help with:

  • Applying for Florida food stamp benefits
  • Check the status of your FL SNAP Application
  • Renewing your Florida SNAP EBT benefits
  • Logging into your ACCESS Florida online account
  • Locked out of ACCESS Florida
  • Cannot login to your ACCESS Florida account
  • Report Food Stamps Fraud in Florida
  • Schedule your Food Stamps Interview
  • Schedule an In-Person Appointment

For answers to any of these questions, please call:

ACCESS Florida Customer Service Number:

For deaf or hearing impaired, call TTY:

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Foodshare: Wisconsin Quest Card

We want to make it easy for you to use your FoodShare benefits. Your Wisconsin QUEST card is a safe and easy way to buy your food. Your QUEST card is a plastic debit card. It has your name, card number, and the Wisconsin QUEST logo on it.

We will send your QUEST card to your mailing address. It will include instructions for setting your four-digit personal identification number . You will use your PIN each time you buy food with your QUEST card.

You may use your QUEST card as many times as you want each month, as long as money is available in your account. No minimal spending limit. No extra fees.

How Do I Use And Access My Cash And Snap Benefits

How to Check Food Stamp Balance Online: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

New York recipients may access their cash and SNAP benefits at participating EBT locations anywhere within New York State. Cash benefits may also be accessed at participating ATM and authorized retail store locations.

Your EBT card and Personal Identification Number are used at authorized retail stores with your cash or SNAP benefits. Many retail stores also provide cash back with your purchase. Check with the store for their cash back policy.

  • Swipe the card.
  • Enter your PIN in the machine at the checkout line.
  • Only you should enter your PIN.
  • Always check and keep your receipts for your EBT purchases.

For more information:

  • Off-track betting facilities
  • Commercial bingo facilities and
  • Places that provide adult oriented entertainment in which performers take off their clothes or perform without clothes

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What Fast Food Places Take Pennsylvania Ebt/food Stamps/snap

The Restaurant Meals Program is a federal program that enables qualified elderly, disabled, and homeless food stamps recipients to buy food at authorized restaurants. Any state or county can enroll in the Restaurant Meals Program.

The purpose of the program is to help expand food access to those who do not have a place to store and cook food, who may not be able to prepare food or who dont have access to a grocery store.

Not all states participate in the RMP.

Currently, the Restaurant Meal Program is running in the following states:

  • California
  • Child Care
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The app offers many of the same features found on the COMPASS portal, but right from your phone.

With the mobile application, you can now access your benefits from anywhere, whenever you want.

The myCOMPASS PA Mobile App is free to use and is available for download at the App Store for Apple devices or on for Android devices

With the myCOMPASS PA Mobile App, you can perform the following tasks by phone:

  • See important details about your benefits.
  • Check the status of your application.
  • Find out when to renew.
  • Upload, send, and view documents related to your application or benefits.
  • Report changes to your addresses, emails, or phone numbers.
  • Check status of benefits for which youve applied for.

How To Speak To A Live Person

Heres how to reach a LIVE person at the Pennslyvania EBT Phone Helpline:

It can be frustrating to call the EBT helpline and find yourself speaking to an automated system.

Here is how you can get to a real person when you call the Pennslyvania EBT helpline:

Step 1

Enter your 19 digit card number

Step 4

Once you have successfully entered your EBT card number, Press 0 to be connected to a live customer service person

Step 5

When connected to a live person, you can proceed to ask them your question or tell them about the issue with your Pennsylvania EBT Card.

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Option 3 Apply By Mail

Additionally, you can apply for food stamps in Florida by mail. You can print out the Florida SNAP Application, complete it and mail it into your local DCF office.

Florida Food Stamps SNAP Application.

to find the DCF office mailing address in your county.

For details on Florida SNAP EBT eligibility guidelines, including income limits and how much you can expect to get in benefits, read our Florida Food Stamps Eligibility article.

Are There Restrictions When Using My Ebt Card

Fresh EBT: check your EBT balance on your phone

Yes. It is illegal to use your EBT card at:

  • Liquor store
  • Casino, gambling casino, gaming business
  • Adult-entertainment business
  • Any place mainly for or used by adults 18 or older and/or not in the best interest of the child or household

It is also illegal to use your EBT card to buy:

  • Alcohol
  • Foods prepared to be immediately eaten
  • Vitamins, medicine, supplements or
  • Non-food items such as paper products, soap, or pet food.

Buying any of these items with your EBT card or using your EBT card at any of these locations is considered misuse. The Family Support Division checks EBT purchases. If you misuse your EBT card, you will no longer be able to use an EBT card and FSD will select a new person to make purchases for your child/children. If you use your EBT card at any of these locations, you will be required to pay back the amount of the purchase. It is against the law for retailers at these locations to accept EBT cards.

For questions about EBT card restrictions, contact the FSD at 855-FSD-INFO or visit any FSD Resource Center.

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Enter Your Texas Ebt User Name & Password

Next, a login section will pop-up on your page. Now enter Your Texas Benefits Username and Password.

Once complete, click the blue Log In button.

If you entered the correct information, you should now be logged into your Texas EBT account. You can view your most recent transactions, as well as current TX EBT balance.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for help completing the or create a YourTexasBenefits online account.

For more help with your Texas EBT Card, continue reading to find out how to contact customer service.

Pennsylvania Ebt Card Customer Service

Heres the number to call if you are trying to reach Pennsylvania EBT Customer Service:


You can call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

You can call the Pennsylvania EBT Phone Number if:

  • Your card is lost or stolen.
  • Your card does not work.
  • You want to change your PIN because you forgot it or if someone else knows your PIN.
  • You want to find out how much you have left in your account.
  • You have been charged for a purchase but you didnt get the food or if you were charged too much for what you bought.
  • You have other questions or problems.

If you need further assistance with your SNAP benefits, please contact your local DHS office.

To find a DHS County Assistance Office near you, .

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Withdraw Cash From A Store

You can withdraw cash from stores displaying the Quest® decal with the dollar sign . There are no fees. You don’t need to make a purchase. Simply:

  • Get your balance by looking at your receipt, or call 1-800-997-2555.
  • Swipe your card.
  • Take your cash from the machine.
  • Wait for your card and receipt.
  • Check the receipt to make sure it is the same as the amount you got.
  • Store your cash before you walk away from the machine.
  • Issues Or Complaints About Customer Service

    How to Check Food Stamp Balance Online: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    If you havecomplaints about your experience with the Florida EBT or ACCESS Florida Customer Service Department, please contact the Florida DCF.

    Visit the Florida DCF Contact Us for more help at

    For additional help, check out the comments section on this article. There are comments from other users about Florida EBT Customer Service that may help you.

    We encourage you to read through as many as you can. You may even get answers to some of the questions you are calling customer service about since people with the same issue may have posted solutions online.

    Of course, we encourage you to add your own comments and any advice you would like to give to those trying to get their issues resolved with customer service.

    For additional help speaking with a live person at Florida EBT, continue reading below.

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    What Happens After Im Approved

    Once you are approved for SNAP, you will get your Electronic Benefit Transfer card in the mail. Your monthly benefit will be loaded on this card. You can check the Monthly EBT benefit schedule to see what day your benefit will be loaded to your card every month. You will also be able to get help with employment and job training through the SKillUp Program at no cost to you.

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    Snap State Information/hotline Numbers

    Your local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program office should be listed in the government section of the local telephone book. This is generally the quickest way to find your local Food Stamp office. In addition to these local information numbers and the State information numbers listed below, there is also a National SNAP Hotline.

    Use the following numbers to get information on SNAP questions in the States and areas of States listed. These hotlines can also tell you how to contact the local office responsible for SNAP in your locality. Most are toll-free numbers for in-State calls.

    Some states use different names for the SNAP Program. See the Names of State SNAP Programs topic for more information.

    This list is believed current as of January 2012. See Notes below table for further explanations.

    * These numbers are for in-State and out-of-State calls. All other 800 numbers are for in-State calls only.

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    Option 1 Check Your Last Receipt

    The first and easiest option is to check your last NY EBT card transaction receipt.

    This is the quickest way to locate the current balance on your New York EBT Card.

    Once you locate your last receipt, the card balance will be listed at the bottom of your grocery store receipt or the ATM receipt if you also get cash benefits.

    You should get in the habit of keeping your most current EBT receipt, that way, you always have a quick way to check your balance before you shop.

    Calfresh Ebt Phone Number

    How to Check your Georgia EBT Card Balance

    Heres the number to call if you are trying to reach California Food Stamps EBT Customer Service:

    1-877-328-9677You can call 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

    You can call the CalFresh EBT Phone Number if:

    • Your card is lost or stolen.
    • Your card does not work.
    • You want to change your PIN because you forgot it or if someone else knows your PIN. Your public assistance office may also be able to help you change your PIN.
    • You want to find out how much you have left in your account.
    • You have been charged for a purchase but you didnt get the food or if you were charged too much for what you bought.
    • You have other questions or problems.

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    Florida Ebt Customer Service

    Before we provide you with the Florida Food Stamp Customer Service Number, it is important that you know why people call in the first place. Knowing this will not only save you time contacting customer service, but also potential frustration.

    If your questions are still not resolved, use the phone number provided to contact Florida Food Stamps customer service. In addition, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to reach a live person at the Florida EBT Card Customer Service number.

    To get the answers to the most-asked for Florida EBT Card Customer Service, continue reading below.

    Before You Call The Pennsylvania Ebt Phone Number

    As we mentioned above, the Pennsylvania EBT Phone lines are flooded with phone calls from people trying to get details about EBT benefits.

    Therefore, hold times are long when you call the phone number.

    We have answered the top questions people call the Pennsylvania EBT Phone Number for.

    Scroll down below to see if your question has been answered below.

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    How To Apply For Food Stamps In Maryland

    To get food stamps in Maryland, you must meet income guidelines and any other eligibility requirements, fill out a Maryland SNAP application and you may need to take part in an interview.

    For more information and to apply for food stamps, contact your local Department of Social Services or apply online through the Maryland Department of Human Services myMDTHINK gateway to public health and human services.

    Florida Ebt Customer Service Questions

    How to Check Food Stamp Balance Online: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    We hope our post on the Florida EBT Customer Service Number was helpful to you! If you need additional help contacting Florida food stamps or EBT Card customer service, including speaking with a live person, please let us know in the comments section below.

    If you found this article helpful, we encourage you to please share it with someone using the Share this button below.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out our other articles on Florida SNAP EBT:

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    What Can You Buy With Florida Food Stamps/ebt

    According to guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture , which administers the food stamps/SNAP program, here is the list of items you are allowed to buy with your EBT Card.

    What you CAN buy with EBT Card:

    Foods for the household to eat, such as:

    • bread and cereals
    • meats, fish and poultry and
    • dairy products.

    Request To Restore Expired Cash Benefits

    In certain circumstances expired cash benefits can be replaced if you request a restoration within 6 months of the date the cash benefits expired. Six months after the expiration date, the cash benefits are permanently unavailable and cannot be restored.

    Call your case manager to request to restore your expired cash benefits.

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    What Is The New York Ebt Card

    Once you are approved for New York SNAP or cash benefits you receive an EBT card, also known as a Common Benefit Identification Card .

    The EBT card looks like a debit card.

    You use your New York EBT card to buy groceries and other items with your cash benefits at participating stores and other locations.

    For a schedule of when New York SNAP or Cash benefits are deposited on EBT card, see the FAQs below.

    What Is Pennsylvania Ebt Card

    Checking Your Food Balance

    EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. If you have been approved to receive benefits from one of the programs listed below, you can will receive an EBT card from the DHS.

    • Food Assistance benefits.
    • Cash Assistance or any other emergency or special cash benefits.
    • Medical Assistance benefits

    You use your Pennsylvania EBT card to buy groceries and other items with your cash benefits at participating stores and other locations.

    For restaurants that accept Pennsylvania EBT card, see the FAQs below.

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    How To Check Your Ebt Balance In North Carolina

    EBT is available in just about every state in America, including North Carolina.

    EBT, most commonly used to refer to SNAP benefits, is a household staple for many low-income families.

    However, SNAP benefits only cover some grocery items. Even some essential grocery items arent covered by your benefits money, and once your benefits money is gone, youll have to wait until the beginning of the next month.

    So, how can you check your EBT balance? What does EBT cover?

    Lets find out.

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