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Illinois Public Aid Food Stamps

Snap Schedule: Illinois Link Card Food Assistance Benefits For August 2022

Food Stamp Fraud

The Department of Human Services administers SNAP in Illinois, which helps low-income households purchase the food they need for good health. Illinois SNAP recipients can expect their benefit payments to be deposited monthly on the Illinois Link Card.

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Link Cards are issued once approved for benefits from the Illinois DHS. The Illinois Link Card is accepted at most grocery stores and at over 9,000 retailers in Illinois. Look for a display of the Illinois Link card or a sign that says Illinois Link accepted here.

Illinois has also elected to participate in the Restaurant Meals Program. RMP allows certain SNAP recipients who might not be able to prepare meals for themselves to purchase meals at participating restaurants.

The date on which payments are deposited onto your Link Card depends on the last number of your case number. If you had a SNAP case that was converted from a legacy case, you will keep your legacy availability date of either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 17th or 20th.

Ill Admin Code Tit 89 10120

“AABD” or “Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled” – Financial assistance and medical assistance available to individuals who have been determined to be aged, blind or disabled as defined by the Social Security Administration.

“Adequate Consideration” – The receipt of goods, monies or services at least in the amount of the fair market value of the property sold.

“Adult Cases” – A case in which no child is included in the assistance unit.

“Adverse Action” – Any action that reduces SNAP benefits or terminates participation in SNAP within a certification period.

“Agency Error” – An action or inaction of the Department resulting in assistance benefits being furnished to or in behalf of a client for which the client is not eligible.

“Applicant” – An individual requesting assistance by completion of a signed, written application form or a person in whose behalf a signed written application form requesting assistance is completed.

“Application” – A request for assistance by means of a completed, signed designated form. For SNAP purposes, only a name, address and signature are needed on the form.

“Assistance Unit” – The individual or individuals living together for whom the Department determines eligibility and, if eligible, provides financial and/or medical assistance as one unit.

“Beneficiary” – Any person nominated in a will to receive an interest in property other than in a fiduciary capacity.

Blood or adoptive relatives within the fifth degree of kinship:

Father – Mother

Illinois Food Stamps Requirements

There is a collection of Illinois food stamps requirements and rules that applicants must adhere to in order to receive SNAP. Only petitioners who meet all of these prerequisites may collect SNAP benefits. These requirements for food stamps are as follows:

  • Residency: IL Food stamps eligibility stipulations for enrollment indicate that only state residents may collect SNAP.
  • Citizenship: Usually, only U.S. citizens qualify to receive SNAP funds. However, petitioners who were born abroad may also be compensated with food stamps if they meet specific residency requirements.
  • Income: In order collect SNAP, applicants must earn gross incomes each month that total less than the limits that are imposed for the numbers of individuals who live in their households.

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How To Apply For Food Stamps In Illinois

Prospective SNAP candidates will likely wonder how to apply for food stamps in Illinois if they want to receive funding. This is especially true after claimants learn they may meet the states enrollment eligibility prerequisites. First, petitioners may elect to submit an online food stamps application. This is widely considered to be the most efficient option because applicants can arrange and submit their materials whenever they like. However, candidates who do not have access to the internet or computers may submit paper petitions to the IDHS by applying:

Illinois Food Stamp Program

My Snap Benefits Are Not On My Card

Whether searching for additional funds to help feed themselves or their entire families, the Illinois food stamps program can provide support to low-income residents. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program connects residents with funds they need to purchase healthy groceries that their households depend on each month. While SNAP in Illinois is only available to local, low-income candidates, the program operates nationally. SNAP is funded through federal funds and each state has the responsibility of carrying out its own iteration of the program within its counties.

The Illinois Department of Human Services runs this local SNAP food stamps program. Generally, this program is utilized by households who do not earn much income throughout the year. However, certain households with elderly or disabled members may qualify for benefits as well. The sections below provide a more detailed description of these food stamp requirements as they relate to specific facets, including identity, citizenship and familial income. The sections below also explain different ways claimants can apply for the program and the specific benefits enrollees may take advantage of once they are accepted into SNAP.

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What Is Food Stamps In Illinois

Each month, over one million recipients collect SNAP benefits in Illinois. This makes Illinois one of the areas across the country where food stamps benefits are most widely utilized by residents. As a result, the states program is robust and offers a vast array of benefits to claimants who are able to successfully enroll in the program. However, in order to begin collecting SNAP benefits, petitioners must prove to the IDHS that they are eligible to receive this assistance throughout their claim periods.

Snap Benefits Cannot Be Used To Buy:

  • Hot foods ready to eat
  • Food intended to be heated in the store
  • Lunch counter items or foods to be eaten in the store
  • Vitamins or medicines

Any nonfood items, such as:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • cigarettes or tobacco

See Intentional program violations section below for more information if you have a client who is facing IPV for nonfood purchases.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , formerly the food stamp program, provides extra funds to low-income families to buy groceries. The funds come on the Link Card which looks and swipes like a debit card at most grocery and convenience stores. In the United States, over 45 million people are receiving SNAP benefits and just over 2 million of them live in Illinois. People who receive SNAP benefits can still visit their local food pantry, soup kitchen, or get other food assistance.

If you have any questions about the SNAP program, reach out to a member of Northern Illinois Food Banks SNAP Outreach Team! Call us toll-free at 844-600-SNAP or email , or fill out this contact form

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  • 273 Dearborn Court, Geneva, IL 60134
  • Phone: 630.443.6910

Medicaid: Where To Apply

New proposal could eliminate 3 million people from food stamps

Medicaid funds many services. With the new Childrens Waiver for Home-based Support Services Program, Medicaid funds services for children as well. Medicaid eligibility does not guarantee eligibility for childrens services, but it pays for services if the child is determined to be eligible by the Independent Service Coordination Agency or ISC.

From the Illinois Healthcare & Family Services website:

To apply for medical assistance, visit the nearest Illinois Department of Human Services office. Staff will help you submit an application. You can also apply online for SNAP , Medical and Cash Benefits through Illinois Web Benefits.

If you are unable to go to a DHS office because of health reasons, you may call and ask that an application be mailed to you. After you complete and return the application, the DHS staff will arrange an interview by telephone. Human Services offices in your area or you may call DHS at 1-800-843-6154, TTY 1-800-447-6404.

Childrens Services

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Determining Snap Benefit Amount

Use the online SNAP Calculator to determine eligibility.

Deductions from gross income determine net income, which is used to determine the amount of SNAP benefits. Units can take the following deductions from gross income:

  • Earned income deduction. 20% of earned income is not counted.

  • Standard deduction. All units receive a standard deduction of a fixed amount based on the units size.

  • Excess shelter deduction for families with high housing costs. This includes a utility allowance.

  • Dependent care deduction for children or disabled adults for out-of-pocket child care costs when working or in school.

  • Child support payments when required by a support order.

  • Medical expenses for Qualified Members.

Date of payment

SNAP benefits are not paid to all units at the same time of the month. DHS staggers payments to eligible units on different dates throughout the month. SNAP units must be informed of the date of the month they can expect to receive their SNAP benefits.

During the pandemic, the Department has made additional, often enhanced, payments to units on different days throughout the month. These dates are posted publicly on the DHS website as information memoranda.

Certification and reporting requirements

Notice of expiration of certification must be received by the unit no later than the first day of the units last month of certification and must inform the unit of the date the certification period ends and what it must do to continue their eligibility for SNAP.

Obtaining Federal Food Aid Takes Time Patience

Bins of food wait to be sorted at Harvesters’ warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s a food bank that distributes to food pantries in 16 Kansas counties and 10 Missouri counties, according to Chief Resource Officer Joanna Seblien.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the biggest federal program aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty that millions of Americans find themselves in sometimes for a few months, sometimes for several years.

Food-assistance benefits help families struggling financially to keep food on the table. SNAP allows Cheryl to break down a family pack of meat so itll last. But SNAP sometimes causes Jennifer to break down in the grocery store because she cant afford to buy healthy food.

The routes that lead to SNAP are different for every person, but theyre all beholden to strict income requirements and, at times, a maze of bureaucracy for an allotment that doesnt always last the whole month.

First, some facts about the program, which used to be called food stamps. It accounts for 80 percent of the funding for the farm bill, which Congress is in the process approving.

To receive SNAP, the government looks at how much you make and what types of assets you have. For example, a household of four wouldnt be able to bring in more than $32,000 a year. Plus, there are work requirements for able-bodied adults between the ages of 18 to 49 that must be fulfilled, otherwise theyll be kicked off.

The application process

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How Do I Apply

Free Application Assistance from SNAP (Food Stamp) is Available

You dont need to go to an office! You can apply online and receive your EBT card in the mail.

The quickest and easiest way to apply for SNAP is online through ABE at

If you are eligible, you will be able to access your SNAP benefits no later than 30 days from the date the office received your application. However, there are instances when the interviews are waived, and you can receive a response within 15 days. If you have very little or no income for the month and you need help right away, you may qualify for SNAP benefits within 7 days.

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State & National Resources



Financial Support for Families with Dependent Children/Pregnant Women

Illinois Department of Human Services:

Application for Benefits Eligibility Website:


Food Support for Low Income Individuals/Families

Illinois Department of Human Services Website:

Application for Benefits Eligibility Website:


Unemployment Insurance Benefits Handbook



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Food Stamps Application Instructions

SNAP benefit applications can be submitted online, or at the Social Services office near you. Once the application is completely filled out and submitted, the department will contact you to set up a one on one interview.

For Mail/ Walk in Applications – download and print SNAP application details by following this link:

  • Fill in all the requested information i.e. your full name, current contact information, citizenship, how many people live in your household, Indicate whether any member of your household is disabled, pregnant or has previously received benefits. Remember to sign and date the form.
  • Indicate your gross monthly income and whether you are available for an interview in person or by phone.
  • Mail the completed application to your nearest Illinois DHS office. Use the office location tool on DHS’s website if you do not know the address.

For Online Application – visit click on Illinois Web Benefits Online Application System and submit an electronic application for food assistance.

You will then receive a notice from the DHS office to attend your SNAP benefits interview and the appointment time. If you are unable to physically go to the interview, you may take a phone interview. The following documents must be availed at the time of your interview:

Department of Human Services, EEO/AA Office401 S. Clinton Street, 7th floorChicago, IL 60607

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Rule change could end food stamps for millions
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