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How Old Do You Have To Be For Food Stamps

When You Live With Family

You’d Be Surprised Who’s On Food Stamps

Minors aged 18 years or younger who live with their parents, foster parents or other family members or caretakers are not eligible to apply for food stamps on their own. Rather, the household must apply on the basis that the combined household income that’s the total wages of everyone working falls below the SNAP income limit. The limit test varies depending on the number of people in the household. If there were four of you, for example, the combined income must be less than $2,665 gross and $2,050 net in 2018.

What Can I Purchase With Snap

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , has strict rules and regulations in place regarding the use of SNAP benefits. Allowable food purchases are very specific.

A detailed list of items that may be purchased with SNAP benefits can be found at .

Households CAN use SNAP benefits to buy:

Foods for the household to eat, such as, but not limited to:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Household supplies
  • Vitamins and medicines

A Quick Guide To Snap Eligibility And Benefits

Most families and individuals who meet the programs income guidelines are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program . The size of a familys SNAP benefit is based on its income and certain expenses. This paper provides a short summary of SNAP eligibility and benefit calculation rules that are in effect for federal fiscal year 2022, which began in October 2021.

How to Find Out if You Can Get Help From SNAP

If you would like help from SNAP, contact your local human services office. The staff there will work with you to find out if you qualify.

Notes: SNAP is often referred to by its former name, the Food Stamp Program. Your state may use a different name.

SNAP has special rules following natural disasters.

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Can I Get Food Stamps If I Am Under 18

Anyone suffering from a lack of adequate nutrition is eligible to apply for food stamp benefits. Age doesn’t matter. If you’re under 18 and living alone, you have the right to apply for food stamps. If you’re under 18 and living with family, then your family has the right to apply for food stamps if the household income falls below the program limit. The food stamp program, renamed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in 2008, was designed to provide needy people with the means to provide themselves with food.


  • Age is not a factor when applying for food stamps. With that in mind, individuals under the age of 18 are eligible to apply for this valuable program.

I Hear About Some People Getting Snap Right Away Or Within A Few Days Of Applying How Is That Possible

Old Style Food Stamp

Even if the SNAP office cannot do a complete eligibility interview for you on the same day you file your application, you at least must be screened to see if you qualify for what is called “expedited” consideration.

If your household has little or no money and needs help right away, you may qualify for “expedited” SNAP. If you do, you must receive your initial SNAP benefit within five days. You will still have to complete the eligibility process, and supply all the required documentation at a later date.

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If Your Snap Benefits Are Reduced Or Terminated

Before your SNAP benefits can be reduced or terminated, you should receive written notice from DCF, stating the reasons why this is happening. If you disagree with the decision, you must ask for a Fair Hearing within ninety days of the date of the notice.

If you ask for a Fair Hearing before your benefits are reduced or stopped, you may ask that your benefits continue pending your appeal. This means that you will still get your full benefits until a final decision is made.

  • You must request an appeal WITHIN TEN DAYS OF THE NOTICE in order to keep getting benefits throughout your appeal process.
  • If you lose at the Fair Hearing, you may be asked to repay the amount of benefits you received during your appeal process. If you do not ask for aid pending your appeal and you win at your Fair Hearing, you will receive benefits to compensate you for the amount you should have been receiving, up to a year.

If you did not receive written notice but your benefits have stopped or decreased, you have a right to request a Fair Hearing. You should appeal immediately upon learning your benefits have been reduced or cut off.

Food Stamp Work Requirements And Time Limits

Who is subject to requirement?

Regular Work Program Requirement Three-Month Time Limit
All participants from ages 16 to 60, unless exempt. All participants from ages 18 to 50 without disabilities who do not live with a child.

Who is exempt?

People younger than 16 or older than 60 16- and 17-year-olds who are not heads of households People physically or mentally unfit for work as defined by the state food stamp agency Caregivers of children under the age of six, or incapacitated people People complying with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families work requirements Recipients of unemployment compensation Regular participants of drug addiction or alcoholic treatment and rehabilitation programs People working 30 hours per week or earning weekly wages equal to the federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 People under 18 or older than 50 years of age People physically or mentally unfit for work as defined by the state food stamp agency People who live in households with at least one child People working at least 20 hours per week in exchange for money, goods or services as part of a program run by the state in a volunteer capacity, or a combination Pregnant women People exempt from the regular work program requirements

How is Physical or Mental Unfitness for Employment is Defined?

How Compliance is Defined?

Number of Hours Required

Acceptable Employment and Training Activities

Penalty for Not Complying

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Multnomah County Snap Questions And Answers

Need an update on your SNAP application status or information about your Oregon Trail card? Visit the Oregon Department of Human Resources website.

Below you will find questions and answers about SNAP in Oregon.

If you have questions about your SNAP application or an open SNAP case, check online at or connect with the ODHS Customer Service Center or your local ODHS office.

If you need additional help with the paperwork or navigating the SNAP application process, please connect with Multnomah Countys SNAP Outreach Team by calling or texting Emily or by emailing . Please note we do not have access to the ODHS system to give you an update on your open case or submitted application.

Here Is What You Need To Know When Applying For Or Maintaining Your Snap Benefits:

Food Stamp Changes 2020: What You Need to Know

Many able-bodied adults will have to be working to receive food stamps for more than three months.

Able-bodied adults without dependents who are not meeting federally defined Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirements will only be eligible for those benefits for 3 months in a 3-year period. If you meet the work requirements you can continue receiving food stamps.

Who is in the able-bodied adult without dependents category?

The food stamps work requirements will apply to you if you are between the ages of 18-49, do not have a physical or mental disability that would prevent you from working, and are not caring for a child or incapacitated household member.

Are there exceptions to the SNAP work requirements?

Yes! Food stamps work requirements will not apply to you if you are:

What are the SNAP work requirements?

Able-bodied but jobless adults without children or a disability must either be working or participating in a job training program at least 20 hours per week , or volunteering with a community service provider for a certain number of hours to continue receiving food stamps for more than three months. You may also do a combination of work, work program, and community service activities to meet the 20 hours per week requirement.

If I am in the ABAWD category, how can I make sure to keep my SNAP benefits?

Work Programs:

Is there help with things like transportation and clothing for people required to do community service?

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When Will I Know If I’m Approved

You will typically know if you are approved for SNAP within 30 days. The Family Support Division will process your application and any supporting documentation as soon as they receive it. This can take up to 10 days. Once your application is processed, you will get a letter that lets you know if you are eligible for SNAP benefits or not.

In some emergency cases, you can get SNAP benefits in seven days or less. You will need to complete Section 2 of your SNAP application to see if you are eligible. You can also tell the Family Support Division if these questions apply to you when you submit your application.

What Do I Do If My Financial Circumstances Change

Changes in household circumstances which occur during the SNAP certification period may need to be reported depending on the reporting rules that apply to your household. Please refer to SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM CHANGE REPORT FORM for information about the change reporting rules that apply to your household or contact your local Department of Social Services if you have further questions.

For more information and where to apply, call 1-800-342-3009, or if in NYC call 1-877-472-8411 or 311. For more information, visit NYC Human Resources Administration.

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What Are The Rates Of Fraud And Abuse In Snap

Since the program has been established, SNAP has frequently been a target for accusations of fraud and abuse of the system. SNAP beneficiaries are accused of cheating the system by receiving greater benefits than would befit their income status or exchanging SNAP benefits for cash. In reality, fraud within the SNAP system is extremely low. With the introduction of the EBT cards, most opportunities for fraud have been removed, and an electronic trail now exists to facilitate the tracing of abuses in the system.

According to a recent USDA analysis, SNAP reached a payment accuracy of 96.19% in 2012 . Trafficking ratesthe number of benefits exchanged for cashare at 1%. There is always room for improvement, but SNAP is currently functioning at the highest level of integrity the program has seen yet.

Swipe Out Hunger Cuny Food Navigator Program

How Old Do You Have To Be To Apply For Food Stamps In ...

CUNY students can access the Food Navigator Portal to get help with the SNAP application and find a range of NYC food resources. CUNY student were specially enlisted and trained to support this digital initiative. Use the link above or text FOOD to 855-230-6746 and complete the form. A navigator will personally contact you.

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Learn About Work Requirements

There are additional eligibility requirements if food assistance is the only benefit you are receiving. To qualify, you must meet certain work requirements from your state.

For example, to be eligible for food stamps, you may need to participate in certain employment and training activities such as job hunting, performing community service or participating in training programs.

If the state requires you to work, your local county welfare office will explain when and how to participate in mandatory activities after applying to the food stamp program.

Where Can Snap Benefits Be Used

SNAP benefits are acceptable forms of payment at any SNAP retailer. SNAP retailers can apply for certification online through the USDA. All SNAP retailers must meet basic stocking requirements: the retailer must sell at least seven varieties of food in each of four basic categories on a continuous basis, and must offer perishable food items in at least three of those four categories.

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How Do I Go About Getting Snap

If you want to find out if you may be eligible to receive SNAP, visit and click on Am I Eligible? to use the SNAP pre-screening eligibility tool. Please note: This pre-screening tool is not an application for SNAP.

In order to apply for SNAP, you need to file an electronic or paper application with your local county Department of Social Services, or, if you live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, with your local SNAP Center.

If you decide to submit a paper application, the SNAP office must give you an application form on the same day you ask for one. The office also must accept and register your application on the same day you turn it in.

You may submit, and the SNAP office must accept, your application as long as you have filled in your name, address and telephone number and signed the application. However, you should try to provide as much information as you can. Whatever information you cannot provide, a SNAP worker can help you complete at your eligibility interview.

You may have a complete eligibility interview done on the same day you file your application, or you may be asked to come back another day for a complete interview. If you qualify for SNAP, you must get them no later than 30 days from the date the office got your application.

How Long Do Snap Benefits Last

Would I Be Eligible for Food Stamps?

SNAP benefits vary from household to household, depending on the number of people within a household, the employment status of the recipient, the age and health of the recipient, etc. For most healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 50 , SNAP benefits are limited to a 3-month period, at which point the recipient will have to submit a renewal application. Most households under the SNAP program receive benefits for a 6-month period before requiring renewal. Benefit periods can range from 1 month to 3 years.

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What Do I Need To Apply

Information about your income, cash and bank accounts, child support, any other public benefits youre receiving now or have received before , and how much you spend on rent, utilities, child care and other monthly expenses. You have the right to receive written notice if your application is considered incomplete. The notice must tell you what information is missing and give you a deadline to provide the missing information.

Am I Eligible For Snap

SNAP is for people with a low household income and resources. It is also for legal immigrant children under 18, people who get disability assistance or benefits and for veterans and their families. Families with ineligible people can still apply for benefits for household members. A family cannot have more than $5,000 in resources that can be used to buy food. Resources include cash, your bank accounts, and any amount over $15,000 of the value a households vehicle. Your home is not counted as a resource. Childless adults without disabilities who work less than 20 hours a week and are not in a work program can get SNAP benefits for 3 months every 3 years.

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