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Food Stamps For Ssi Recipients In California

Calfresh Income Limits 2021

CalFresh program expands to SSI recipients

Most households must have a total gross monthly income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level, to be potentially eligible for CalFresh.

Number of People in Household Maximum Gross Income Allowed 200% Federal Poverty Level Maximum Net Income Allowed 100% Federal Poverty Level

Facilitating Calfresh Enrollment For Ssi Recipients

In the event that California decides to end cash-out, plans will need to be in place to address the following processes:

  • Conduct CalFresh eligibility and enrollment for current SSI recipients
  • Facilitate CalFresh eligibility and enrollment for new SSI applicants
  • Provide ongoing CalFresh case management for SSI recipients
  • Manage CalFresh recertification for SSI recipients

This section discusses streamlining options for each of these processes to help maximize enrollment of eligible seniors and disabled individuals into CalFresh based on their linkage to the SSI program, should California end cash-out.

CalFresh Eligibility and Enrollment for Current SSI Recipients

If California changes its cash-out policy, 1.3 million elderly and disabled SSI recipients will become potentially eligible for CalFresh. Given the size of this population, CDSS and county human services agencies could face capacity and efficiency challenges in expediently processing applications if a large volume of CalFresh applications from existing SSI recipients are submitted all at once. One option is to do a phased rollout, by county or by SSI sub-population , using the current CalFresh eligibility and enrollment process.

Fast Track

Potential Streamlined Enrollment ProcessA potential streamlined approach for initial CalFresh enrollment for the fast track population could include the following steps:

  • Issue notice of eligibility to recipients.

  • Conduct interviews by phone, or waive the interview requirement.
  • Food Stamp Program Participation

    Understanding the evidence of opportunity for increasing participation requires sufficient knowledge of how FSP participation is currently assessed.

    While federally funded, the FSP is operated by states. The quality of state management varies the FSPQC sample is in part conducted to monitor and reduce the variance in accuracy of benefit assessment, and the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 established a “high performance bonus” to reward states for “actions taken to correct errors, reduce the rates of error, improve eligibility determinations, or other activities that demonstrate effective administration as determined by USDA” . In recent years, attention has also been paid to variation across states in FSP participation rates, the ratio of recipients to persons believed to be eligible. The Department of Agriculture estimates that nationwide only 60 percent of persons eligible for FSP in 2004 actually received benefits . The department has announced a target national participation rate of 68 percent in 2010 . States varied enormously in estimated take-up rates in 2005, from a low of 40 percent in Wyoming to a high of 95 percent in Missouri .

    Table 8. Estimated Food Stamp Program participation by SSI recipients, fiscal years 20012004

    SSI recipients
    NOTE: SSI = Supplemental Security Income.

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    Streamlined Calfresh Enrollment Options For Ssi Recipients

    Facilitating CalFresh enrollment for SSI recipients will include: assessing eligibility for, and conducting enrollment in, CalFresh for current SSI recipients facilitating CalFresh applications for new SSI applicants providing ongoing CalFresh case management and managing CalFresh recertification. These options are discussed briefly below.

    Facilitating CalFresh for Current SSI Recipients: Fast Track

    Given the large number of SSI recipients in California, the state could identify a fast track population that is highly likely to be eligible for CalFresh and implement a one-time simplified enrollment process for this group. The fast track population could be defined as single individuals or couples whose only income comes from SSI, a group that is considered categorically eligible for SNAP in all other states.

    Enrollment of Current SSI Recipients: Non-Fast Track

    Facilitating CalFresh for New SSI Applicants

    On an ongoing basis, individuals who are newly applying to SSI could also benefit from a streamlined connection to CalFresh. A potential approach would be to leverage SSAs existing obligation to assist SSI applicants with SNAP applications. In some states, the SSI application has been modified to ask applicants about their interest in applying for SNAP , and in some cases to collect additional required information for SNAP eligibility determination purposes. The SSI interview could also be deemed to satisfy the initial CalFresh interview requirement.

    Calfresh Employment & Training

    New Law Will Make SSI Recipients Eligible for CalFresh in ...

    The CalFresh Employment & Training program is a free and voluntary program for people on CalFresh Food benefits gain skills, tools, basic education, training and work experience. This program will help you gain marketable job skills to give you access to better jobs and higher wages. For more program information and locations visit: .

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    Thousands Of California Senior Citizens Now Eligible For Food Stamps

    A new law in California aims to help thousands of low-income Californians gain access to fresh and healthy food, according to 10NEWS.

    California seniors receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits will also be able to apply for CalFresh food benefits, previously known as food stamps.

    SSI recipients are either over age 65, disabled, or blind.

    Until recently, they couldnt apply for CalFresh benefits because they received money for food in their checks. However, it is only $10 a month.

    One of the challenges seniors face is the high cost of living, we can hardly make it with what we get, said Gwendolyn Joseph, a San Diegan who lives on a fixed income.

    Joseph just turned 76 and despite receiving SSI benefits, he can finally apply for CalFresh benefits.

    The average CalFresh recipient receives $130 per month to buy food.

    We are striving so hard in California to restore these kinds of safety net programs to our most vulnerable Californians, look around this room, these are people whove worked their entire lives, they deserve it, theyve earned it, and they need our support now, said Senator Toni Atkins, who represents California Senate District 39.

    Feeding San Diego, in partnership with Serving Seniors, 211 San Diego, and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services, is working to spread the word and encourage SSI recipients to apply for CalFresh benefits.

    California had been the only state in the nation to exclude SSI recipients from getting food stamps.

    The Food Stamp Program Benefit

    Once eligibility is established, participating households are expected to be able to devote 30 percent of their counted monthly cash income to food purchases. The FSP benefit then makes up the difference between 30 percent of countable income and a maximum benefit level that is derived from a model budget developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, called the Thrifty Food Plan . Because both the TFP and the allowable standard deduction vary by household size, benefits vary as well. The maximum benefit schedule is detailed in Table 1. Few households receive the maximum benefit, because most have countable income.

    Table 1. Maximum monthly Food Stamp Program allotment and income limits, by household size, 2004

    a. Values differ for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    b. Gross income is the household’s total nonexcluded income before any deductions. Net or countable income is gross income less allowable deductions.

    Calculation of the FSP benefit is highly dependent on the nature and amount of deductions for the household unit. Consequently, benefit calculation is best illustrated by example. We begin with a simple illustration of eligibility and benefit determination pertinent to SSI recipients and then highlight variants.

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    The Ssi Benefits In Washington

    The Social Security Administration administers the Supplemental Security Income program, which provides benefits to certain low-income citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Though administered at the federal level, the specifics of the SSI program differ slightly from state-to-state contingent upon the structure of state social programs. Some states, including Washington, make supplemental payments to certain qualified SSI recipients. Those eligible for SSI also qualify for some related benefits in Washington state.

    Can Medicare Seniors In Calif Get Food Stamps

    #CalFresh for SSI Recipients!

    Who Qualifies for Food Stamps in California? And although meal assistance generally renders an individual ineligible for SNAP benefits, seniors can still be eligible even if they get their meals from a federally subsidized facility or from other low-income living facilities.

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    Ssi Recipients In California

    The Federal Department of Health and Human Services has determined that the SSI payments in California have been specifically increased to include the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. The individual must actually receive, not merely have applied for, SSI benefits in order to be ineligible for SNAP.

    Consequently, answer ‘NO’ to the question “In this situation, are you enrolled in the SSI and/or California State Supplement Program ?” if you have applied for SSI benefits but do not yet receive them.

    Once SSI benefits are received, the individual will remain ineligible for SNAP benefits, even during months in which SSI benefits are interrupted or suspended, until the individual is terminated from the SSI program.

    Consequently, answer ‘YES’ to the question “In this situation, are you enrolled in the SSI and/or California State Supplement Program ?” if you are still enrolled in SSI but do not receive benefits because they have been interrupted or suspended.

    Currently, California is the only State in which SSI recipients are not eligible for the SNAP Program.

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    About California Golden State Stimulus Check

    In February 2021, California lawmakers approved Governor Newsoms Golden State Stimulus program to send $600 payments to about 5.7 million of Californias lowest-income workers, with extra help for undocumented workers who file taxes.

    This became known as Golden State Stimulus I.

    In May 2021, Governor Newsom proposed sending the stimulus payments to Californias middle class, too.

    California lawmakers approved the plan in late June 2021.

    Under the expansion, taxpayers earning as much as $75,000 a year qualify.

    Under the Golden State Stimulus II program:

    Eligible Californians will receive a payment of $600, and an extra $500 if they claimed at least one dependent on their 2020 taxes, bringing the total maximum amount to $1,100.

    However, some recipients of the first Golden State Stimulus payment may also qualify for an additional payment of $500 if they previously claimed a dependent.

    Families with at least one dependent get a $500 boost, which increases to $1,000 if they are undocumented and file taxes.

    According to Gov. Gavin Newsoms administration, two out of every three Californians are eligible for a share of $12 billion in Golden State Stimulus payments.

    Heres who is eligible for Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II.

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    What If I Need Calfresh Benefits Right Away

    If you need food assistance right away, you may qualify for Expedited Services and receive your CalFresh benefits within three days.

    To qualify for Expedited Services, you must provide identification and meet all other CalFresh requirements in addition to one of the following:

    • Your household makes less than $150 in monthly income and has less than $100 on hand right now.
    • Your households combined monthly income and money on hand are less than your households combined monthly rent and utilities.
    • You are a migrant or seasonal farmworker and have less than $100 on hand right now.

    How Long Will The Increase In Food Stamps Last In California

    In the Loop #36

    California has been approved to provide emergency allotments to eligible households during the COVID-19 Emergency. March 2020 through September 2021 Emergency benefits will raise each households regular monthly CalFresh allotment to the maximum allowable benefits based on their CalFresh household size.

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    Facilitating Calfresh Eligibility And Enrollment For Ssi Recipients

    UPDATE : In May 2018, Californias Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services voted to discontinue the cash-out policy. This means that effective June 1, 2019, those receiving SSI/SSP in California, provided all other eligibility requirements are met as well, will become eligible for CalFresh.

    UPDATE : In May 2017, the California Department of Social Services received a federal waiver to implement the Elderly Simplified Application Project beginning October 2. This will streamline the application process to help elderly and disabled people more easily access food stamps.

    Coalition of California Welfare Rights OrganizationsCounty Welfare Directors Association of CaliforniaSocial Interest Solutions

    • SSA Role in SNAP Enrollment

    • Simplified SNAP Enrollment Pilots

    • Streamlined Enrollment Based on Eligibility for Other Programs

    • Options for Streamlining Enrollment

    • CalFresh Eligibility and Enrollment for Current SSI Recipients

    • CalFresh Eligibility and Enrollment for New SSI Applicants

    • Ongoing CalFresh Case Management for SSI Recipients

    • CalFresh Recertification for SSI Recipients


    The Food Stamp Program And Income

    Next, we turn to the contribution of FSP benefits to household income. For this purpose we continue separate analysis by age and further differentiate between recipients living alone or with spouses only and SSI recipients living with others. Table 3 provides a sense of the reliability of estimates for various subgroups by reporting sample sizes and the estimated number of SSI recipients for various subgroups in 2004. Some of the subgroups are so small that the results are meaningless. However for subgroup samples that are large, results can be viewed with considerable confidence.

    Table 3. SSI recipients in food stamp recipient households, by living arrangements and benefits, fiscal year 2004

    SSI recipient characteristic
    NOTES: SSI = Supplemental Security Income OASDI = Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance.
    a. Too few observations for meaningful calculations.
    Table 4. Food stamp increment to total household income for SSI recipients in food stamp recipient households, 20012005

    SSI recipient
    NOTE: SSI = Supplemental Security Income.
    a. Too few observations for meaningful calculations.
    Table 5. Food stamp receipt and income for the wholly dependent: SSI recipients living alone with only OASDI and/or SSI as income, fiscal year 2004

    SSI recipient characteristic
    NOTES: SSI = Supplemental Security Income OASDI = Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance.

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    How Do I Get My Calfresh Benefits

  • Your benefits will be available every month on a plastic electronic benefit transfer card.
  • You will be sent an EBT card, or you can pick it up in the office where you applied for CalFresh. You will be able to select a secret code .
  • With the EBT card and your secret code, you will be able to access your CalFresh benefits at any grocery store that has a Point of Sales device with the Quest logo.
  • Managing The Food Stamp Program

    Cal Fresh Food Assistance Expands To Recipients Of SSI

    Although the federal government pays most FSP costs and sets most of the regulations, the program is operated by states, generally through local welfare offices.

    Payment accuracy is evaluated annually by a joint federal/state review of a sample of cases drawn from each state’s recipient list. This “quality control” sample is sufficiently large to provide reliable information on the people receiving food stamps, the rate at which administrators make errors in benefit determination, and the amounts of payments involved. States can be charged for the benefit cost of error rates in excess of national averages. In practice such penalties are often waived when enforced, states pay by investing the fine in programs to improve performance. The QC system creates incentive for promoting accurate collection of data on income, including SSI receipt. States can and do check on SSI status by using the Social Security Administration’s State Data Exchange program to investigate benefit status for all members of applicant households.

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