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Can Students Apply For Food Stamps

Exceptions And Eligible Students

College Students Using Food Stamps

With more than half of Americas college students fitting in the non-traditional or returning student category, many college students are eligible for food stamps because they fit other eligibility criteria. If you attend college and work at least 20 hours a week, you could be eligible for the benefits. You could also be eligible if you also take care of a dependent household member at least half of the time: this could be a child or a dependent adult who is elderly or disabled. If you are part of a state or federal work-study program, you could also be eligible. If a Workforce Investment Act or other labor and trade-related act is paying for your college, you may also have food stamp eligibility. Finally, any single parent enrolled in college full-time with a child under age 12 is eligible for food stamps regardless of employment status.

Can College Students Get Food Stamps

College students have to meet the initial Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program requirements, plus be enrolled less than half-time at their institution, according to USDA.

Those students who meet requirements and are enrolled half-time or more may also qualify with an exemption.

Exemptions may include being under 18 or older than 50, having a physical or mental disability, working at least 20 hours a week, or caring for a child under the age of 6, to name a few.

A full list of exemptions can be viewed on the USDA website.

There are also temporary exemptions due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

How To Apply For Food Stamps As A College Student

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress expanded SNAP benefits for college students. The rules for qualifying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits provide different benefit amounts based on your income.

Understanding how the program works and how to apply for EBT cards for college students will help you take advantage of this helpful program while you’re at school and get the maximum benefits you qualify for.

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What Information Do I Need To Submit A Food Stamps Application

In order for claimants to submit a food stamps application in their home states, they must first understand the documentation they will need to provide to their local governments. These proofs relate to various aspects of their candidacy, but they are all intended to validate whether or not claimants meet their states eligibility stipulations. Each state is responsible for establishing its own enrollment guidelines. However, these state-by-state prerequisites must be in concordance with the federal SNAP food stamps requirements. Generally, candidates hoping to apply for food stamps online or using a paper document must provide their departments with the following documentation:

Regardless of where candidates submit their food stamps application, they must remember that they will need to provide this information for every member of their family. This is due to the fact that SNAP is awarded to units. Failing to submit the necessary information may affect an individuals claim.

Nearly 700000 Snap Recipients Could Lose Benefits Under New Trump Rule

How to Apply for Food Stamps as a College Student ...

“As long as a student is at least half-time, they are not considered an subject to SNAP work requirements, so that new rule would not impact them,” says Kathryn Larin, director of the Education Workforce and Income Security Team at the Government Accountability Office. “The group that it would impact would be students enrolled less than half-time.”

Most college students are excluded from receiving SNAP by design, Larin says.

This is because Congress created the program with the image of a “traditional” student in mind: someone entering college directly from high school, financially reliant on their parents, with no income or dependents.

But this archetype is far from universal, says Parker Gilkesson, an analyst at the Center for Law and Social Policy who specializes in income and work supports. Only about 1 in 4 students attend a four-year institution immediately after high school.

Many college students are older or are parents themselves. And few have a financial safety net: Countless families are spending all they have just to send their children to college, let alone pay for their food and other necessities, she says.

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How Do I Go About Getting Snap

If you want to find out if you may be eligible to receive SNAP, visit myBenefits.ny.gov and click on Am I Eligible? to use the SNAP pre-screening eligibility tool. Please note: This pre-screening tool is not an application for SNAP.

In order to apply for SNAP, you need to file an electronic or paper application with your local county Department of Social Services, or, if you live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, with your local SNAP Center.

If you decide to submit a paper application, the SNAP office must give you an application form on the same day you ask for one. The office also must accept and register your application on the same day you turn it in.

You may submit, and the SNAP office must accept, your application as long as you have filled in your name, address and telephone number and signed the application. However, you should try to provide as much information as you can. Whatever information you cannot provide, a SNAP worker can help you complete at your eligibility interview.

You may have a complete eligibility interview done on the same day you file your application, or you may be asked to come back another day for a complete interview. If you qualify for SNAP, you must get them no later than 30 days from the date the office got your application.

How Do I Apply For Snap

You can file an application for SNAP on-line, by mail/fax or in-person.


Filing an application is the first step. You will also need to send documents to DTA to prove your eligibility and have an interview by phone or, if you prefer, in person.

To get more information about SNAP in Massachusetts, visit Project Breads website.


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You Can Apply For Snap Online

  • Go to ACCESS HRA.
  • Select SNAP Apply. Complete the online application. You will be asked several questions about yourself and your household . Some questions will require you to submit documents with your application to verify the information you provide . You can upload your supporting documents using the ACCESS HRA mobile app.
  • Are College Students Eligible For Snap

    More college students turn to food stamps

    Students, 18 to 49, attending an institution of higher education, like a college, university, trade school, or technical school more than half-time are eligible for SNAP if they meet an exemption and meet all other SNAP eligibility requirements. You can ask your school what qualifies as half-time.

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    Is Each States Snap Food Stamps Application Different

    When learning how to apply for Food Stamps in the United States, claimants may wonder if the form is uniform throughout the country. However, petitioners must remember that since each state manages its local SNAP program, a food assistance form in one part of the United States may be formatted differently than an application in another region. Therefore, claimants must remember that these petitions are not transferable across state lines. In order to eliminate any confusion or delays throughout the application process, it is imperative that candidates be sure that they are using their states issued SNAP application when they file for program benefits.

    Are Teachers Eligible For Food Stamps In The Summer

    The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, provides a monthly benefit to low-income Americans that can be used to purchase food. Though SNAP is a federal program, each state sets its own rules about who can qualify for benefits and how much they receive. Whether or not teachers qualify for benefits depends on the rules of the state where they live.

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    How Do I Apply For Snap Benefits

    Students are encouraged to stop by the Students Serving Our Students program office so that a mentor can help you. Learn more about the SOS program, its hours and location on the SOS webpage. You can file an application for SNAP through the Department of Transitional Assistance :

    • Fax a paper application to DTA at 617-887-8765
    • Mail a paper application to DTA Document Processing Center, PO Box 4406, Taunton, MA 02780
    • Go in-person to a local DTA office
    • If you live with other people who get SNAP, they may need to contact DTA to add you. See below.

    After you apply, call the DTA Assistance Line for an interview at 1-877-382-2363. Then send DTA the proofs they ask for. DTA has 30 days to approve or deny your application unless you qualify for emergency SNAP. If you are approved, SNAP benefits are put on an EBT card .

    New And Updated Oregon Snap Rules For Undergraduate Students During The Covid 19 Pandemic:

    2020 California Food Stamps Eligibility and How to Apply ...

    Many students may be eligible for SNAP without even realizing it – eligibility rules have changed effective 1/16/2021! If you are a student ages 18-49, enrolled at least part time in school, you may qualify for SNAP if you meet the income requirements and also:

    • intend to enter a job/career/paid employment after you graduate OSU. If this is true, you meet income qualifications, and are a domestic student/permanent resident, there are no work requirements. You should be prepared to tell a DHS worker about your career plans/ambitions but other/additional documentation is unlikely to be needed.

    • Students can also be exempt from the work requirements if they have an Estimated Family Contribution of $0 or if they are “Work study Eligible.”

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    How Can I Know If I Might Be Eligible For Snap

    To find out if you may be eligible for SNAP Benefits, visit myBenefits.ny.gov and click on Am I Eligible? to use the SNAP pre-screening eligibility tool. Please note: The pre-screening tool is not an application for SNAP. The tool will look at the information you provided to see if you might be able to get help with buying food and other services. You’ll have to apply for the programs listed to get a final decision about benefits, and information will be provided to let you know how to do that. Keep in mind that you always have the right to apply for these benefits.

    In New York State, the SNAP Program now allows you to have more money in a checking or savings account, or even a retirement account, without affecting your eligibility for SNAP benefits. As of January 1, 2008, most households applying for SNAP benefits no longer have to pass a savings/resource test in order to get SNAP benefits. This means having money in a savings, checking or retirement account, or having other resources, will not keep you from being eligible for SNAP benefits, as long as you meet the income guidelines.

    What Proof Do I Need To Show If I Get Work Study Or If I Attend A Career

    To prove you receive work study, give DTA a copy of your financial aid statement or any other proof of federal or state funded work study. You qualify as a work study recipient if you attend a public or a private college.

    To prove you are enrolled in a career or technical education program at a community college, DTA has a one-page form that you can ask the college to sign. Or, you can submit a letter from the college that states you are enrolled and that your degree or certificate program will lead to employment. Also give DTA proof that you are enrolled in college.

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    How Can I Find Out Where To Apply For Snap

    Probably, the quickest way is to apply for SNAP online at myBenefits.ny.gov or if you live in New York City. After your application is filed, the SNAP office will review your information, conduct an interview, and determine your household’s eligibility for SNAP.

    You may also apply in person, by mail, or fax. To find the address and phone number of the SNAP office nearest you, call the toll-free New York State Temporary Assistance Hotline at 1-800-342-3009. By following the prompts on the automated caller response system, you can find the address and phone number of the SNAP office for where you live.

    You can also choose the option to speak to an operator, and they will give you the information about the SNAP office for where you live. You may also find a listing for your county Department of Social Services in the blue pages of government office listings in your phone book. If you live in New York City, you should look for the listings of the Human Resources Administration. You may also visit the following websites: Local Departments of Social Services or New York City SNAP Centers.

  • LDSS-4826A Spanish
  • Can A Dependent Apply For Food Stamps


    The federal food stamp program is available to families with very low income. The income of all household members over the age of 18 is tested against gross and net income guidelines set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Heads of households and legal dependents can complete and return a food stamp application, as long as the family meets the program requirements.


    • Legal dependents are eligible to complete and return applications for food stamps. That being said, their application will only be accepted if their family meets the requirements for the program.

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    Can I Get Snap If I Still Live With My Parents

    If you are 22 or older, and you buy and prepare more than half your meals separately from your parents, you can apply for benefits for yourself.

    If you are 18-22, federal rules do not allow you to get food stamps separately from your parents, even if you barely share meals with them. If you meet one of the above eligibilityrules, you and your parents must apply for benefits together and report all family income.

    Carolina Del Norte Ampla La Elegibilidad Para Los Beneficios De Asistencia Alimentaria A Los Estudiantes Universitarios Durante La Pandemia Para Comprar Alimentos Y Permanecer En La Escuela

    Abril 29, 2021

    El Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Carolina del Norte anunció hoy que está ampliando la elegibilidad para los beneficios de asistencia alimentaria para ayudar a los estudiantes universitarios que tienen dificultades para comprar alimentos y permanecer en la escuela durante la pandemia.

    Algunos estudiantes universitarios en Carolina del Norte ahora son elegibles para recibir asistencia a través del programa de Servicios de Alimentos y Nutrición en virtud de este cambio temporal de los beneficios aprobados por el gobierno federal.

    El Departamento de Educación de EE. UU. Anunció recientemente esta asistencia adicional para estudiantes e instituciones universitarias a través del programa de subvenciones del Fondo de Ayuda para Emergencias de Educación Superior . La asistencia adicional proporciona un alivio continuo de la Ley de Ayuda de Emergencia COVID-19 de 2020 y se extiende hasta el 30 de junio de 2021.

    Reducir la inseguridad alimentaria, especialmente durante esta pandemia, es una de las principales prioridades del departamento, dijo la Subsecretaria Adjunta de Oportunidades y Bienestar del NCDHHS, Susan Gale Perry. “Estos beneficios ayudarán a nuestros estudiantes universitarios a permanecer en la escuela y a poder obtener de manera segura la nutrición adecuada necesaria para aprender y prosperar”.

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