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Apply For Food Stamps In Lancaster Pa

Lancaster County Assistance Office Information

Pennsylvania Food Stamp How To Apply

Below is a link to more information about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program administered by the USDA. This program is run by each state and each has their own different process for distributing this assistance. Please visit your official state website to apply and find more information.

Official USDA Information:

County: Lancaster

The food stamp program is known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is administered by the USDA. The food assistance program is distributed by each state offices like Lancaster County Assistance Office to help those with low or no-income apply for these benefits. Each state requires an application and usually conducts an interview to verify that those meet the food assistance programs requirments. Many states offer the ability to apply for their state’s benefits via online or in-person at a local office. This site is not endorsed or affiliated with the USDA or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program . For informational purposes only to help those that find information about this program. We strive to keep the most up-to-date information about this program and update any information that may change. If there is any information that may be outdated, please feel free to let us know by clicking the “Report inaccurate information here” link above.

So How Can You Get Food Stamp Benefits

Beneficiaries of the PA SNAP will receive the ACCESS card, which is the PA EBT cards. EBT stands for electronic benefits transfer and the EBT Card both has the appearance and functions of a credit or debit card. It is, however, loaded with the food stamps as well as cash benefits in many cases.

Where can I use EBT?Just like a debit or credit card, the EBT Card can be used in EBT stores or retailers that accepts the card.

How To Apply For Food Stamps

Once you fill out your food stamps application, you may wonder how and where you can submit this document. If you have access to a computer, you can typically apply for food stamps online. This option is available in most states. If you do not wish to submit your food stamps application online, you need to file your request at an approved facility. Remember that you can always apply at the SNAP office in your city. If you and everyone in your household receives Supplemental Security Income , you can also apply at a Social Security office.

After you apply for food stamps, you need to participate in a SNAP interview with program representatives. Generally, these conversations take place by phone. Be sure to provide proof of the information you reported in your application. If your local food stamp office cannot verify your claims, workers there cannot approve your request for benefits.

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How To Appeal A Pennsylvania Food Stamps Denial

When petitioners receive a food stamps denial in Pennsylvania from the DHS, this does not definitively indicate that their claims may not move forward. When applicants have their food stamps application denied, the state presents them with a window of opportunity they may use to appeal these determinations. This time limit is 90 days from when the county assistance office mailed their original determinations. The CAO is the local branch of the government that is responsible for making individual SNAP eligibility assessments. In order to begin the food stamps appeal process, petitioners must submit their requests for reconsideration in one of the following ways:

  • Mail a Fair Hearing Form to the CAO.
  • Return a Fair Hearing Form in person to the CAO.

Within these request for a SNAP denial case reassessment, petitioners must also indicate how they want their appeals hearings to take place. Candidates have four options. These trials may take in forms such as:

After the SNAP application denied hearings conclude, the judges will issue their decisions. Claimants who find these subsequent rulings to be unfavorable may request additional appeals.

Can I Qualify For Food Stamps If Im Not A Us Citizen Surprisingly

Can You Buy Slimfast With Food Stamps In Pa

Generally, SNAP is for U.S citizens. However, some non-US citizens who live in the US can still apply if the applicant or members of his or her family meet any of the following eligibility guidelines for legal immigrants. These are as follows:

  • Has lived in the US legally for a minimum of five years
  • A recipient of disability-related benefits or assistance programs regardless of when they entered the US
  • Children 18 years and below regardless when the child entered the US.

Non-US citizens should also meet other SNAP Pennsylvania eligibility requirements like resource limits and income.

In cases where some members of the household are disqualified for SNAP, then the EBT PA office is required to determine the eligibility for SNAP for the other qualified household members. Those who are non-US citizens but are in need of food assistance can call the PA EBT customer service to check their eligibility.

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Lancaster County Assistance Office Details

This is a local County Assistance office where you can apply for SNAP food stamps, obtain help with child care, health coverage assistance, find help for LIHEAP, school meal assistance, etc.

You can also visit the online assistance for the State of Pennsylvania called COMPASS at

COMPASS is the online application website for Pennsylvanians to apply for many health and human service programs.

In Pennsylvania, the following people may apply for SNAP

  • The head of the household
  • The spouse of the head of household
  • Any other responsible household member

A designated authorized representative

  • Who can be a friend
  • Relative
  • Anyone else the applicant trusts to go food shopping and use their SNAP benefits

SNAP benefits are placed in an electronic account that only the recipient can use.

This system is called Electronic Benefits Transfer or EBT.

The ebt card in pennsylvania is called the ebt access card.

This card allows withdrawals for food purchases at grocery stores and supermarkets.

The store uses the EBT ACCESS card to electronically subtract purchases from the SNAP account, the same as people use credit cards in these stores.

Snap Food Stamps Program Overview

Food stamps is a federal program designed to help low-earning individuals and families be afford to purchase nutritious foods. This programs official name is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program . These two names refer to the same initiative, so there is no difference between SNAP and food stamps. However, all prospective applicants need to remember that individual states are in charge of overseeing their own programs. This means that petitioners need to be sure they are applying for benefits in their home states. Applicants cannot ask to receive SNAP assistance in states where they do not live.

SNAP food benefits are available to you if you meet your states specific eligibility requirements. Once you are approved to receive funds, you can use your benefits to buy nutritious groceries for your family. While you have some flexibility regarding the items you can purchase, there is a list of approved foods you must choose from. If you are new to SNAP, the application and enrollment process may seem extensive. However, the process is generally straightforward. If you have specific questions about your circumstances, contact your nearest food stamp office for personalized assistance.

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How To Find A Lancaster Food Stamp Office In Pennsylvania

Below is a list of all the Pennsylvania food stamp office locations in Lancaster. If you have any questions about enrolling in SNAP or about your current claim, contact one of these facilities. Generally, you have the option of contacting these facilities by phone or visiting them in person.

  • Lancaster County Assistance Office 832 Manor Street Lancaster Pennsylvania 17604 717-299-7411

What Are Pennsylvania Food Stamps And How Can You Take Advantage

How to File for Food Stamps Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP also previously known as the Food Stamp program helps families obtain nutritious food for free. The program allows the beneficiaries to procure food from most groceries as well as other retailers of food. Those qualified for the program will get the Access card PA that is loaded with food stamps cash that can be used to pay for food. The card also referred as EBT

The Pennsylvanias SNAP along with PA WIC help the residents of the state to have access to nutritious food despite having no to low income.

There are eligibility criteria set for the program. Generally, these three factors would determine if one would qualify for the SNAP or not.

  • The number of people in the household
  • Total household earnings
  • Where one resides

Application is relatively simple and the fastest way is to apply online via EBT connect PA.

How much cash assistance will i get in PA SNAP? The maximum benefit one receives depends on the households total income and its number of members. Plus, the majority of Pennsylvania households can get food stamps for 12 months and in some cases up to 24 months.

PA food stamps dates vary depending on the beneficiaries ending case number. The EBT balance PA refreshes monthly but the exact date again depends on the ending number of the case number assigned.

Those who would like to know the PA food stamps dates 2020 should visit the EBT PA login to know the food stamp calendar.

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How Do I Apply For Food Stamps In My State

Usually, you can obtain a food stamp application online or at your local SNAP office. If you prefer to submit your application digitally, keep in mind that most states will allow you to submit your food stamps application from your computer. However, you may also have the option of printing your document, filling it out and returning it to an office. If you do not have a way to apply for food stamps online, you can go directly to your local office and apply there. This facility should have a blank food stamp application form that you can fill out and turn in. Regardless of the method you choose, be sure you have all of your supporting documents with you when you apply. Specifically, be sure to have documents that prove:

Your ID and citizenship status. How much you earn and any quantifiable resources and assets your household has. Qualifying deductions your family claims. Relevant work information.

How To Report Or Replace A Stolen Or Lost Ebt Card Attention: Do This Asap

It is important to report any lost EBTcard PA. Likewise stolen ones should be reported as well by getting in touch immediately with the EBT hotline PA.

Reporting the loss of the card is important since other people may be able to get hold of the PA access card login and use the benefits for themselves.

Additional references:

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What Information Do I Need To Submit A Food Stamps Application

In order for claimants to submit a food stamps application in their home states, they must first understand the documentation they will need to provide to their local governments. These proofs relate to various aspects of their candidacy, but they are all intended to validate whether or not claimants meet their states eligibility stipulations. Each state is responsible for establishing its own enrollment guidelines. However, these state-by-state prerequisites must be in concordance with the federal SNAP food stamps requirements. Generally, candidates hoping to apply for food stamps online or using a paper document must provide their departments with the following documentation:

Regardless of where candidates submit their food stamps application, they must remember that they will need to provide this information for every member of their family. This is due to the fact that SNAP is awarded to units. Failing to submit the necessary information may affect an individuals claim.

Can I Still Qualify For Snap Benefits If The Household Owns A Car

Lancaster PA LIHEAP Offices

As mentioned, whether one gets to receive SNAP benefits depends partly on the households income and resources. Households with vehicles should expect the state to count the vehicle among the households resources.

There are, however, some exceptions where the vehicles are not counted as a household asset. These exemptions include:

  • If the vehicle produces income at par with its fair market value annually
  • Required for long travels for work outside than the daily commute
  • If the vehicle is for income-earning purposes such as a truck, delivery vehicle or taxi
  • If used as the familys home
  • Required for the transportation of a physically disabled member of the household
  • If the resale value would be less than $1500
  • Required in carrying the majority of the households water or fuel

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What Can You Purchase Things With Ebt

PA food stamps beneficiaries can use their food stamps to procure grocery items, plants or seed that produces food, and snacks. Food stamps cant be used to purchase sin products like alcohol and tobacco, live animals, prepared food, vitamins and supplements, and any non-food grocery items.

Aside from food, the Pennsylvania EBT card can be used for free admission or discounted entrance fees to theme parks, museums, aquariums, zoos, and other venues.

Can I Get Food Stamps If I Have A Job Heres The Truth

One of the most commonly asked questions about SNAP benefits PA is whether an employed person can still qualify for food stamps. The answer is yes as long as the employed individual is neither reducing his or her number of working hours nor leaving his or her job.

There are also requirements for those receiving food assistance PA but are unemployed.

The following are the work requirements to qualify for access EBT PA for those who are jobless:

  • Must take a job if offered
  • Should participate in training and employment programs as assigned by the state
  • Register for work

Failure to follow the above requirements can lead to the disqualification of the beneficiaries enrolment to the program.

The disabled individuals, elderly, those living with a child under the age of 18 and pregnant women do not have to be employed to avail of the SNAP.

Individuals from ages 18 to 49 who neither have any disabilities nor kids are referred to as an Abled-Bodied Adult Without Dependents or ABAWD in short.

The ABAWD is only allowed to avail of PA EBT for three months every three years unless they are employed for a minimum of 80 hours per month. Although, some parts of Pennsylvania does not have ABAWD requirements yet. Similarly, other states may have a different take on ABAWD and their benefits. For example, the food stamps Philadelphia program may have different rules on ABAWD from Pennsylvania.

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What Is Food Stamps In Pennsylvania

Each month, SNAP food benefits in Pennsylvania provide over a million residents with monies they may use to purchase groceries. While anyone who lives in the state may apply for food stamps benefits, only petitioners who fall into a specific financial demographic will be permitted to collect funds. Although the state government is responsible for managing SNAP funds, the program itself is funded on a federal level. Consequently, most SNAP benefits programs across the country are similar regardless of where petitioners apply. For example, there are national standards relating to the maximum amount of funds enrollees may collect each month. On the other hand, states are responsible for establishing their own SNAP benefits income eligibility requirements.

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